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Collagène type 1 et beauté circulaire : l’extrait de pomme qui suit les cycles de la nature dans les soins de la peau

Collagen I is the main type of collagen found in skin, as it represents between 80 – 90% of collagen in the human body. Produced by fibroblasts, it’s mainly found in the dermis and is responsible for skin elasticity and accountable for multiple skin ageing signs. 

It’s thus no surprise that both brands and consumers are interested in developing products that incorporate collagen I. From supplements to beauty treatments, collagen I is a common ingredient claim today.

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However, current global trends are shifting the way consumers understand beauty. Today, the beauty market is dominated by a natural approach to beauty, one that is sustainable and ethical. 

Collagen I is naturally produced by the body and its levels naturally decrease with age. A new, successful approach to ageing products would take this “natural” trend further, developing beauty products that respect and encourage all kinds of natural life cycles. 

How can brands do that? Keep reading to find out suggestions. 

Collagen I and the hype for a healthy, youthful-looking skin

Sustainable, ethical and natural are the three new keywords for a transformed beauty and personal care market. These are not just broad concepts: brands must take action to adjust to these new consumer preferences or risk becoming obsolete.

These actions may include building a sustainable, ethical supply chain, picking the right botanical ingredients and complying with natural-ingredient certifications

When it comes to developing new products that target collagen I on the skin, there are a number of beauty trends that companies should take into account: 

  • A renovated take on skin glow: guaranteeing diversity and inclusivity is part of the ethos that consumers are demanding today. Skin glow is described today with terms such as illuminating, radiance and clarity, referring to skin care claims that produce and even skin tone and complexion. A more natural approach to skin health is thus preferred.
  • Circular beauty: according to a report conducted by Mintel in February 2020 around consumers’ preferences around organic beauty and personal care products, “zero waste” beauty is one of the primary areas of interest for cosmetics consumers. This not only speaks of brands’ efforts to minimize packaging and use sustainable options: it’s also a call for brands to develop products that are sustainable from ingredient sourcing onwards. 

In fact, this “circular beauty” concept can go as far as guaranteeing that the cosmetics industry operates in harmony with nature’s rhythms.

POMARAGE™: the “circular beauty” natural ingredient to enhance collagen I levels

In search for options that help beauty brands achieve their progress towards a sustainable, ethical and natural product portfolio, we’ve developed POMARAGE™. Originating from recovering by-products from apple processing, the result is a natural ingredient that enhances collagen I production, generating: 

  • A 382% increase in collagen I
  • A 140% boost in PLOD 1, the enzyme involved in the formation and stabilization of collagen fibres
  • A 137% increase in LOXL3, enzyme that forms bonds between fibres, including collagen
  • A 132% increase in LEPRE L2, the necessary enzyme for collagen biosynthesis

Thus, it enhances not only the natural biosynthesis and organisation of collagen I but also the production of several enzymes that participate in its formation and non-degradation.

The ingredient has been subjected to a number of tests in normal and aged fibroblasts, proving in vitro efficacy on the expression of certain genes involved in the structure of the extracellular matrix (ECM) and therefore on skin health. 

The results revealed that POMARAGE™ contributes to restoring the healthy appearance of the skin, reducing inflammatory processes and other markers associated with cellular senescence, all through taking action on the different steps of biosynthesis and collagen maturation.

Apples being a familiar ingredient and synonymous with health around the world, it’s the perfect ingredient to help brands associate with natural, “helathy skin glow” beauty trends.

At the same time, the ingredient sourcing at a local, ethical and sustainable farm, and guaranteeing that it’s made from apple by products, it brings brands one step closer to circular beauty actions.

All in all, POMARAGE™ presents the potential to generate a powerful and successful yet simple narrative where brands can push the sustainable message further, while guaranteeing visible effects from a “natural ageing” perspective.

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