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Why Provital shares innovation as part of this beauty hub

Why share research as part of a beauty hub? The answer is simple: collaboration is the key to innovation. Consumers know this too; according to a study conducted by Mintel, brands with claims including ‘developed by experienced researchers’ and ‘uses advanced processing techniques’ have the most prestigious image amongst the public (Mintel, 2020). 

Together, we are stronger. This is why Provital is a member of Beauty Cluster. Beauty Cluster is an association of 200 beauty brands that work together to promote research, internationalization, training, and business connections. By working together, the group shares knowledge to promote collaboration throughout the value chain, which in turn, leads to new innovations in beauty. Here, we discuss our commitment to knowledge sharing as part of this beauty hub.

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Opportunities to share and innovate

Beauty Cluster organizes both physical and digital events throughout the year where members share their knowledge. Recently, Provital attended Beauty Cluster’s 5th Innovation Days. This congress had a particular emphasis on digital technologies and artificial intelligence in the beauty space, so partners could find out more about how AI can enhance research in dermo-cosmetic science.

Provital’s contribution was a presentation on the Bioimage and Bioinformatic Platform (PBBP). As digital images and genetic databases are ubiquitous in dermo-cosmetic science, the field could especially benefit from a data-driven approach to image analysis and genomics. Provital’s PBBP executes algorithms in-house for image quantification and computational genomics. Meanwhile, Provital has brokered collaborations to access next-generation sequencers, high-throughput, and super-resolution confocal microscopes to discover new efficacies for cosmetic products.

As is evident from the ongoing development of this tool, collaboration is the foundation of its success. This is why Provital was delighted to share PBBP with Beauty Cluster partners. Soon, Provital will share this tool with the wider beauty community as part of the next in-cosmetics global webinar, which you can register for here.

Expanding the global community

As we advance into the ‘new normal’ after the coronavirus crisis in Europe, Beauty Cluster is hosting their next event, the Cosmetics Formulation eForum, online. We see this virtual format as an opportunity to extend this beauty hub to a global audience and share knowledge with a wider pool of professionals. 

Provital will present new actives to the forum on September 30th. Led by Dr. Angela Roca, R&D Project Manager, the webinar will discuss the new neurocosmetic ingredient Wonderage™. According to Provital’s AI-driven tools and tests, this active is proven to promote positive energy and well-being, or ‘well-aging’ as Provital’s researchers have defined it. Dr. Roca also discussed this new innovation as part of the recent in-cosmetics global virtual conference, which you can view here. 

Join the Provital beauty hub

Sharing knowledge is at the core of Provital’s mission. We believe that it is part of our wider mission to care for the planet, communities, and our clients. We want to inspire our customers – which considering the consumer demand for expertise and collaboration, is essential to meeting these calls for more innovative beauty. 

Provital’s membership of Beauty Cluster is just one way that we share innovation with the wider beauty community. To be part of Provital’s own beauty hub, subscribe to the blog, Spreading Clean Beauty, where Provital shares more expertise and inspiring research. Alternatively, you can follow Provital on Instagram and LinkedIn to access exclusive content and tips.

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