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Feminine wellness: the “care everywhere” trend

Everywhere, women are more empowered and willing to discuss intimate health and issues. Through these more liberal attitudes, women are becoming increasingly conscious of feminine wellness. Once stigmatized, women are now far more comfortable with issues surrounding vaginal health and recognize that intimate health and skin needs care too. For instance, vaginal pH has an impact on broader health and well-being; properly balanced pH can prevent infection, improve energy levels, and aid in alleviating issues in digestive health, such as bloating. 

Considering the wider demand for feminine wellness products, many personal care brands are moving into the intimate health and skin care space, moving towards opening a market for feminine wellness brands This further encourages open and healthy conversations about women’s health and responds to increased demand for such products. Here, we discuss the trend and present Provital’s contribution to the feminine care market.

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Feminine wellness brands: caring for every aspect of intimate health 

In response to rising awareness, several brands have begun to cater to the demand for feminine wellness products. In terms of feminine skin specifically, brands are responding to the skin health issues raised by waxing trends. For instance, The Perfect V has created products to keep intimate skin smooth and moisturized, including serums, washes, and beauty mists.

However, caring for waxed skin isn’t the only dimension of the intimate care trend. As beauty becomes more inclusive, many women – particularly young women – are embracing body hair in a search to build their own relationship with feminine wellness. To care for intimate hair, brands like Bushbalm are marketing pubic hair oils to keep the area soft and nourished.

Provital’s Jellybean Wash: a call for feminine health and wellness

In response to the new demand for feminine wellness products, Provital has developed Jellybean Wash. This mono-dose jelly product supports the natural pH of intimate areas using mild surfactants. The product is infused with Provital’s Orange Blossom Rain, which has antimicrobial and purifying qualities, to keep intimate skin clean and fresh. Meanwhile, Provital’s Happy Skin employs neurocosmetic technology to create a de-stressing and well-being effect, thanks to the Rhodiola rosea extract.

This was formulated in response to the particular demands of the intimate health and care space, which has also included a search for greener, reusable menstrual products Whereas before harsh products focussed on odor removal dominated the market, now, particularly younger consumers are looking for something more gentle. For instance, 75% of Chinese consumers are aware of the importance of pH balance, thus driving the popularity of clean intimate products. Further to this, a study by Mintel found that 62% of American women aged between 25-34 believe that natural feminine wellness and hygiene products are safer. 

Clean beauty for every part of the body

Beauty should be inclusive, empowering, and caring. Today, women are more aware of issues surrounding feminine heallth and wellness and the beauty industry needs to respond to this demand. Whether women want to care for intimate skin or hair, the industry should provide safe, healthy solutions. With clean, organic products, brands can care for the delicate skin in intimate areas and promote a more open, positive narrative about the importance of intimate health. 



A soft cleansing jelly for a playful and gentle intimate wash. Citrus Aurantium Flower Water and Happy Skin™ care for sensitive areas. Intended for daily intimate care, this product is also suitable for use during menstruation. This formula is environment-friendly, discrete, and compact.


Green transparent jelly.


Take the jelly and lather softly in the palms of your hands. Cleanse the genital area gently and rinse thoroughly. For external use only.


All skin types.



China and Vegan compliance 

55.3 % Natural Origin Content

1-2 EWG

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