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Fighting Hair Damage from Pollution: The Benefits of Onion Extract In Plant Based Hair Products

For years, people have been using skincare to battle the effects of pollution on their skin and skin barrier. However, with the beauty community adopting the lens of “skinification” for hair, more and more people are concerned with the effects pollution may have on their hair as well. Like its effects on the skin, pollution can cause anything from dandruff to more severe scalp issues that affect the overall health of hair.

While there are many products out there to combat the effects of pollution on hair, many people, especially those who prioritize plant based hair products and cosmetics, are looking for products that contain tested and trusted skincare ingredients.

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Effects of Pollution on Hair 

  1. Scalp Aggression
    Pollution affects the skin on one’s scalp just as much as the hair strands itself. Studies have shown that pollution can cause the skin on your scalp to be imbalanced. This causes scalp aggression which can present itself as a flaky scalp, itchiness, irritation, and in more extreme cases eczema, dermatitis, and rosacea.
  2. Increased hair porosity
    Depending on your hair type, your hair porosity can vary. However, pollution has been shown to increase natural hair porosity regardless of hair type due to subsequent keratin loss. This happens as the hair is more likely to form a cast of dirt and debris around each strand. This makes hair weak and brittle and can eventually lead to hair thinning.
  3. Pollution particles clog the hair follicles
    Like skin pores, pollution can clog hair follicles preventing proper regulation. As mentioned earlier, pollution can cause flakey dry scalps but it can also cause clogged follicles which leads to excessive oil and sebum production of the scalp.
  4. Heightened oxidative stress
    Like on skin, oxidative stressors can lead to signs of premature hair aging whether that be density loss, color loss, or balding.
  5. Hair Loss
    As previously stated, pollution can greatly affect the health of scalp and hair cells which can cause hair loss and balding. According to studies, hair loss caused by pollution can be likened to male pattern baldness, several types of alopecia, and chronic telogen effluvium.

Using Hair Products to Protect Hair From Pollution

Though pollution is impossible to avoid during daily activities, many haircare products can mitigate the damage done whether they be traditionally formulated or newer plant based hair products. Like skincare products, haircare products can target different issues when applied to the hair and scalp. Commonly, these are the things that one should look for in a product when combating hair pollution:

  1. Antimicrobial Properties
    Pollution carries with it many different microorganisms like bacteria and fungi. This will greatly affect the balance of your scalp causing an array of issues. Having antimicrobial properties in a product can help fight off unwanted organism growth on your scalp, keeping it clean and healthy.
  2. Antioxidant Properties
    Antioxidants in hair care are important as it protect from oxidative stressors and can also protect against sun damage. By protecting hair follicles and cuticles, antioxidants can fight premature hair aging and promote healthier and stronger hair overall.
  3. Anti-Inflammatory Properties
    To fend off the effects of blocked follicles due to pollution, using an anti-inflammatory product is key. Anti-inflammatory can prevent irritation and scalp aggression which in turn will help prevent dandruff and itchiness.
  4. Hair Growth Stimulants
    Lastly, having a product with hair growth stimulants can help combat the hair loss experienced due to pollution. Products that help blood flow or certain production on the scalp can boost the natural hair growth cycle and prevent hair thinning or hair loss.

The best  Plant Based Hair Products and ingredients?

With all of these things needed to protect hair against pollution, one might think that a haircare routine will need multiple products to be effective. While one can integrate multiple products, studies have found certain plant based hair products that have ingredients like onion extract can provide most if not all of the solutions to prevent pollution damage against hair.

Having onion extract in your plant based hair products and adding it to your hair care routine can mitigate several issues caused by pollution. With its high concentrations of sulfur and amino acids, onion extract is a great remedy for hair loss caused by pollution as it stimulates blood flow to the scalp increasing hair growth. Additionally, onions are known to have 17 types of flavonoids which make them an antimicrobial, antioxidant, and anti-inflammatory product that can fight off dandruff, oily scalps, and other scalp conditions caused by dirt and pollution.

Protect Against Pollution with Provital 

From causing dull and brittle hair to causing dandruff and hair loss, pollution is one of the worst things that affect hair health. That’s why Provital has created an all-in-one pollution-fighting product using onion extract. Provitals COSMOS-approved Onion Extract contains the highest concentrations of onion extracts that help prevent hair loss through its hair growth-stimulating properties. Additionally, Onion extract contains antimicrobial and antiseptic. anti-inflammatory, anti-irritation antioxidant, and anti-aging that keep hair looking healthy and damage free. Overall, adding a protective hair care product like Provital’s Onion extract is a good idea for any hair care routine.

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