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Free radicals, skin, and superfoods

Here’s a statistic that might surprise you: in China, 45% of consumers say that a healthy lifestyle is the most important thing in life. Further to this, an incredible 79% of British consumers said that healthy choices were key to helping them feel good (Source: Lightspeed/Mintel). Considering these reports, it’s no wonder that superfoods are at the top of many consumer’s health and well-being agendas. Subsequently, superfoods like dark leafy greens, avocado, green tea, and ginger are flying off the supermarket shelves due to their health-giving properties, which include eliminating free radicals, skin health, and boosting energy. 

Superfoods and the elimination of free radicals in skin 

However, the advantages of superfoods aren’t only limited to the diet; due to their skin health benefits, superfoods can be highly effective active ingredients in cosmetics. For instance, one of the key benefits of superfoods is their free radical-fighting antioxidant properties. Free radicals produced by pollution, cigarette smoke, and the sun are thought to be a key cause of skin aging. The antioxidant properties of superfoods help neutralize free radicals, thus protecting skin from cellular damage. 

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However, the benefits of superfood ingredients in cosmetics don’t only lie in their efficacy; from a manufacturer’s perspective, it’s also how recognizable they are to consumers. Superfoods have a “healthy halo” that enables consumers to identify them as nutrient-rich, health-giving ingredients. Through the tacit connection between dietary health and skin health, cosmetics producers can demonstrate the benefits of their product easily and clearly. This is particularly important as consumers show an increasing preference for natural or organic products. In fact, research suggests that 56% of women look for superfood ingredients in the beauty products they purchase.

Stay ahead of new superfood trends

There’s lots of research to suggest that superfoods have several skin care benefits, from eliminating free radicals in skin, boosting radiance or improving texture. However, superfoods don’t only present opportunities in terms of efficacy – there’s also a huge opportunity to capitalize on their popularity. Manufacturers should stay abreast of new superfood trends; currently, figs, dates, and prunes are set to be the new miracle health foods. Equally, chia seeds are a hot new trend; a good example of one such product is Provital’s chia extract active ingredient, which has intensive antioxidant properties. 

Consumers know and recognize healthy foods from their kitchens, so they feel more confident and informed as to the product’s properties. By clearly communicating this message, brands can reach out to customers with a wellness-focused message, while delivering results. 

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