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Leaders are disruptive: Products that get rid of lines around the mouth

For a while now, some argue that the beauty market has been saturated, with competition becoming more fierce and more and more players entering the field. It’s certainly the case with anti-aging treatments that provide solutions to get rid of lines around the mouth and beyond. 

Natural and eco-friendly formulas have entered the beauty industry, causing great convulsion, but also proving to be the way forward: according to a survey published by Statista, organic face creams are the leading contributor to increased sales of skincare products. Meanwhile, Grand View Research estimates that ethical and organic products will drive this market segment at a growth rate of 5% in the next years, particularly among millennial consumers. 

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Brands are mobilizing to offer the public the natural and sustainable products they are demanding. In order to seize this opportunity in what is now a booming market, beauty brands must take it as their mission to be disruptive and exceed their customers’ expectations. 

The quest for originality and sustainability in anti-aging treatments

The beauty industry is increasingly offering eco-friendly and sustainable alternatives to customers. But using natural and plant-based ingredients is not the only way to go, as brands are researching new formulas and solutions. 

This is particularly the case with anti-aging treatments, where a number of routes are being explored. For instance, brands are experimenting with the viability of waterless and upcycled formulas, that redefine the need to use different natural resources.  Brands are also working to reduce their share of packaging waste, which has become a huge issue for their ethical and environmental credibility: according to numbers published by Bloomberg, the beauty industry produces 120 billion units of packaging a year, most of which are not recyclable. 

Companies have started implementing recyclable materials, such as glass ampoules. Other options include using components that can be reused instead of being based on single-use, such as providing durable cloth wipes that can be washed and employed repeatedly.

Furthermore, while plastic has been demonized for its contribution to the pollution of the seas and beyond, it’s true that it offers great advantages as a packaging material (it’s affordable, lightweight and durable). Thus, brands are opting for modifying the way it’s been used until now through different pathways: providing minimal packaging or offering refilling options. It’s the case for a leading skincare American brand, which introduced a refillable product that sold at 1.26 million units in the first year and was named No.1 new skincare product according to Nielsen reports. Many other brands have introduced different solutions, from a UK brand that offers products with no plastic caps to a South Korean company that uses 100% recycled materials for their packaging. 

Helping customers get rid of lines around the mouth

Anti-aging treatments have long targeted the loss or redistribution of facial volume and subcutaneous fat. It’s this loss that is the cause behind most of the visible signs of aging and there are many ways in which the beauty industry has aimed at tackling it. For many years, the most popular method to address wrinkles has involved botox applications and other surgeries such as lip augmentation. However, these treatments have proved to be too invasive and often led to unnatural results. 

On the other side, new sensibilities have arisen which demand a more holistic approach to anti-aging treatments that can provide a natural look. In this context, the use of dermal fillers through cosmetics have been continually on the rise. This is the case with Linefill, a formula based on natural ingredients such as sesame that stimulates the body’s natural mechanisms to redistribute facial volume, in order to get rid of lines around the mouth and other expression wrinkles.

Sesame oil has long been part of traditional therapies, such as Ayurvedic medicine. Backed by solid scientific research, Linefill employs the power of this natural ingredient and puts it to use in order to work directly through the adipose tissues and boost the body’s natural tools for revitalized skin. 

Linefill: Studies that demonstrate results

In vivo study protocols have shown that, among other benefits, Linefill: 

  • Restores lost facial volume, reducing lines and making lips fuller by increasing the quantity of adipose tissue.
  • Visibly decreases all types of wrinkles and refines roughness of the skin. 
  • Softens roughness and soothes redness of the skin, for an overall younger appearance.

At the end of the study, 95% of participants considered that the product containing Linefill was good or very good and 85% wanted to buy it. It could be thus argued that the product confirmed that consumers are ready for anti-aging products that are effective but also offer a natural and wellness approach. Its many potential applications on different cosmetics (such as anti-aging creams, lip, and eye contour creams, lip fillers or targeted body volumizers, among others) leave a great margin for companies to experiment and become the disruptive, eco-friendly and natural brand that markets have been demanding.

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