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Ama-Prot: The future of the halal cosmetics industry

The need for halal ingredients and products continues to rise as Muslim populations around the world are expanding. 

Halal-certified beauty products are considered as a way to bridge lifestyle choices and faith for Muslim women. It is estimated that the Muslim community will grow to nearly 2.6 billion by 2050, and this will create an even greater increase in demand for halal-certified products and ingredients. 

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It’s important to note that “halal-certified” products don’t only target the Muslim population; they are becoming increasingly popular among people who want to make ethical lifestyle choices. Halal ingredients are cruelty-free and vegan, which makes them popular among Non-Muslims as well.

Hijab & hair fall 

There are many reasons for thinning hair including chronic friction or tension placed on hair roots for prolonged periods of time. Many Muslim women who wear hijab for several hours each day may face hair thinning as the hijab pulls at the hair roots, damaging the hair significantly over time. 

The constant friction that occurs from wearing hijab can lead to weak hair and loss of volume. This problem can be further aggravated if the hijab is made from synthetic fabric such as polyester. Hijab alopecia or hijab hair loss is actually a real phenomenon that plagues millions of Muslim women worldwide. 

Experts say that using natural, organic, quality hair care products and wearing loose-fitting silk or chiffon scarves can help alleviate hijab hair loss to a significant degree. 

Ama-Prot: The TLC your all-day-covered hair needs  

Halal has become somewhat of an omnipresent topic these days: 

  • Indonesia just announced that only Halal-certified products will be allowed on its market
  • Due to the growing market, large companies like Procter & Gamble have announced that they are extending their Halal portfolio

Long story short, demand for halal ingredients is growing exponentially, and Provital realized that and created Ama-Prot, which is an aqueous extract from the seeds of amaranth plant (Amaranthus Caudatus). Ama-Prot is obtained after two proprietary hydrolysis processes. The final product of hydrolysis – Ama Prot – contains an extremely high concentration of polysaccharides and peptides. 

Polysaccharides and peptides are naturally found proteins and amino acids in our bodies. A lack of either or both can weaken the hair structure and make it appear rough, dry, and dull. In majority of cases of hair damage and hair fall, a lack of polysaccharides and peptides is directly responsible.  

Since Ama-Prot contains both these compounds in abundance, it can visibly improve the appearance and combability of hair within a span of days. Ama-Prot increases combability or detangling by 25% in dry hair and 40% in wet hair, and makes it super easy to manage and style damaged hair.  

Here’s how Ama-Prot works:

  • Peptides extracted from amaranth seeds are rich in positively-charged amino acids (like arginine) which can penetrate hair more easily than any other compound 
  • Once these peptides get into hair roots, they provide nutrition to hair
  • With regular use, hair products containing Ama-Pot replace damaged hair structure and restore the original, healthy hair

Growing demand for halal ingredients makes Ama-Prot a key player 

Halal means lawful or permitted in Arabic; in contrast to haram, which means forbidden or unlawful. Products and ingredients which are allowed under Islamic law are deemed Halal.  

As we discussed above, the global market is leaning more and more towards halal ingredients and goods. Any beauty or cosmetic manufacturers who are not using halal-certified ingredients are missing out on a major piece of the pie. 

Ama-Prot, due to its high protein and amino acids content – and its biomimetism with the original compounds of the hair fiber – replenishes the missing components. Result? Restructured hair that is shiny, smooth, and easy to detangle and comb. 

More and more consumers are beginning to understand that what they put on their skin is as important as what they consume. As a result, the halal demographic is now inching towards more sophisticated ingredients to meet their personal care needs. 

Ama-Prot provides a clear solution to the challenges faced by manufacturers who are looking or plant-based and halal-friendly ingredients.

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