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Integrating Green Tea Oil: The Expanding Benefits of Green Tea on Hair

While green tea oils and extracts have been a long-standing ingredient in Eastern hair care, their presence in haircare and hair maintenance routines has recently risen on a global scale. As several studies have shown, green tea oils and extracts not only moisturize the scalp and hair but also contain antibacterial and antioxidant properties that benefit overall hair health. Considering these properties, adding green tea oil or water-soluble extract directly to the scalp and hair can provide a slew of benefits to one’s hair and improve its visible appearance.

Traditional Benefits of Green Tea on Hair and Skincare

Though the benefits of green tea on hair and skin have always been evident, science continues to pinpoint how and why green tea extracts are so beneficial. Previously, the commonly accepted notion regarding the benefits of green tea in relation to skin and hair health was its purifying properties and potent concentration of antioxidants. These purifying properties and high antioxidants mean that green tea can help keep the scalp clean and rid it of free radicals promoting a healthy scalp and hair growth. While it is still true that green tea leaves purify the skin and help fight free radicals thanks to the high levels of antioxidants, it has been found that their benefits to having healthy hair are more extensive than originally believed. 

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Expanding Benefits of Green Tea Oil on Hair

While green tea oils and extracts are beneficial, not all green tea products are created equal. For example, some green tea oils and extracts derived from the Camellia Sinensis have been shown to be more potent than some of its other counterparts. In the case of high-quality green tea oils, the presence of different minerals and vitamins can also add the following benefits to the most commonly known for green tea: 

  1. Hair Growth
    Studies have shown that there are multiple benefits of green tea on hair including its ability to promote new hair growth. For hair growth to occur, blood flow to the scalp and head is vital to promote keratin production. Increasing blood flow to the scalp can increase the oxygen and nutrients to the hair follicle inducing the start of the hair growth cycle. Due to the concentration of Flavonoids found in green tea extracts which are considered to be a blood flow activator and a ventonic substance, products containing green tea are ideal for hair growth or treating hair loss symptoms.
  2. Hair Color Protection
    In addition to hair growth, studies have also shown that there are benefits of green tea on hair for color protection. When coloring hair, pigments are deposited into the hair strand which then slowly begin to oxidize due to daily activities like hair washing and sweating. While it is inevitable that the pigment will oxidize and fade, green tea has been shown to slow down the process. The presence of Polyphenols in green tea oils helps to prevent the oxidation of hair pigments resulting in longer-lasting and vibrant hair color.

Reap the Benefits of Green Tea on Hair with a Green Tea Oil 

While all green tea extracts have been proven to be a beneficial addition to any hair care routine, it is important to choose the right green tea product to reap any substantial benefits.

Provital’s green tea oil is extracted from the Camellia Sinensis leaf to provide the highest concentrations of vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants for their consumers’ haircare routine. Like most green tea products, the leaf extract allows customers to benefit from the hair color-protecting polyphenols and hair growth-inducing flavonoids as explained above.

However, its high oil content has been shown to add nourishing and hydrating properties that are so commonly sought in hair care products.. Knowing the unique benefits of the oil combination used for extraction of this product (a combination of sunflower seed oil and green tea-leaf extract), Provital’s green tea oil has a certified 100% natural origin and contains powerful antioxidants with no parabens added. Besides being a powerful antioxidant,  thanks to using a high-quality concentrate of green tea, Provital’s Green tea oil is the perfect addition to any hair care routine, whether it be used for hair growth, hair color, or just overall hair health and conditioning.

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