Spreading Clean Beauty

Supply chain ethics for an evolved approach to sustainable beauty

Undoubtedly, a far-reaching, global initiative is required to limit environmental damage. Provital believes that the beauty industry has a vital role to play. From ingredient sourcing to packaging, energy consumption, and supply chain ethics, the beauty and personal care industry needs to take action. 

Sustainability isn’t only an environmental issue; it’s a social one too. Supply chain ethics encompass communities and workers, and for authentically sustainable products, these factors need to be taken into account. Biodiversity and conservation go hand in hand with social and economic growth, where traditional knowledge and natural resources are valued and benefits shared equally.

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These principles underpinned the development of EthicskinTM. Arising from the need to broaden the limits of sustainability in beauty, EthicskinTM is a multifunctional, well-aging active ingredient developed with one of Provital’s flagship initiatives: Mujeres y Ambiente (Women and Environment) in Queretaro, Mexico.

Science inspired by nature 

EthicskinTM is derived from the flowers of Cuateteco (locally known as Mexican Arnica), a plant widely used in Mexican traditional medicine. Used to treat a wide range of diseases such as rheumatism, topical skin irritation, and muscular pain, Provital identified many more cosmetic activities that complemented its use as a powerful anti-inflammatory. Together, these properties create a multifunctional ingredient that tackles aging at a cellular level. Plus, this active ingredient, standardized in flavonoids, is 100% natural in origin

EthicskinTM triggers multiple endogenous mechanisms of the main epidermal and dermal cells by selectively modulating the gene expression of several elements related to skin aging. Its broad-spectrum benefits come as a result of its remarkable action on keratinocytes and fibroblasts, which are directly involved in skin hydration, microbiota regulation, inflammation, hyperpigmentation, and oxidative stress.

An active ingredient for inclusive skincare  

Ethical beauty is inclusive. In accordance with this assertion and the multifunctional design of the ingredient, in vivo assessments were performed on a multi-ethnic panel of 71 female and male volunteers of Caucasian, African, Asian, and Latino backgrounds. These volunteers applied a placebo-controlled formulation with 2% EthicskinTM to the face, morning and night, for 56 days. 

Positive trends for all the measured parameters were seen after just 14 days of treatment, and the improvements continued up until day 56. This study empirically proved that EthicskinTM not only enhances the proper functioning of the skin but also results in visibly moisturized, smoother, and firmer texture for all skin types.

Supply chain ethics for ‘purpose beauty’

Provital works closely with Mujeres y Ambiente to fairly source the key botanical for this active ingredient. By empowering women in rural Mexico, Provital not only engages in environmentally sustainable sourcing but also supports communities and social and economic development. Therefore, EthicskinTM is a product for a new moment in beauty – where comprehensive supply chain ethics drive the evolution of clean beauty to ‘purpose beauty’.

Moreover, Provital’s efforts have earned international recognition. Provital was the first cosmetic ingredient supplier to achieve an IRCC for the Nagoya Protocol and the Mujeres y Ambiente project was supported by the United Nations Development Programme (UNDP). In 2020, the project was awarded the Equator Prize 2020 as “an example of successful biodiversity conservation through the sustainable use of genetic resources”. 

Always inspired by science and nature, Provital is proud to uphold these values for a new generation of sustainable, ethical beauty.

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