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Taking Care of the Mind and Body: Holistic Cosmetics with Lavender for Hair

According to Gitnux Market Data, stress levels of the world’s population are on the rise. With the connection between stress and health, those classified as holistic consumers are looking for ways to reduce their stress levels in the hopes of achieving better overall health. As cosmetic use is a daily occurrence, holistic consumers are searching for products to integrate into their routines that not only aim to improve their outwardly physical appearance but also help care for their mental and emotional well-being. 

In general, holistic products contain natural plant derivatives called adaptogens. These adaptogens help the mind and body’s health by aiding in stress release and hormonal balance. While there are many types of adaptogens, studies have shown that the makeup of lavender and its derivatives in particular are good at reducing stress making it a great solution for consumers looking for ways to deal with stress management. 

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Changing Expectations of Beauty Consumers

With 47% of UK consumers referring to their life as stressful and 43% of millennials in the US seeking health and wellness products, it’s no surprise that there’s a rise in holistic consumers and a shift in the expectations of what cosmetics products should do. Not only does stress cause imbalances in hormones it can also lead to the development of physical and mental issues. Knowing this, holistic consumers are looking for cosmetics that aid their overall well-being. This is not to say that holistic consumers do not want physical benefits from their cosmetics though. Holistic consumers still expect a physical benefit from their skin and hair products, they are now just also looking for cosmetic products that provide mental and emotional care as well

Understating Holistic Customers and Cosmetics 

Holistic consumers view beauty and self-care as the idea of the mind and body working as one entity. Essentially if one does not have a good mental and emotional state, their physique will suffer as well. This means that skin, hair, and physical appearance are affected by psychosomatic stressors. For example, when people experience a higher level of stress internally, they often experience blemish breakouts or increased hair fall due to imbalances from within.

With this, holistic cosmetics aim to meet the holistic consumers’ needs by providing a sensory experience that could relax consumers whether that be through aromatherapy or other sensory experiences. By incorporating holistic products, the aim of adaptogens in these products is to negate psychosomatic problems like stress to improve one’s well-being inside out. 

Integrating Lavender for Hair and Skin Into A Stress-Reducing Routine

While the connection between stress and one’s physical and emotional health is complex, there are holistic ways to reduce the negative effects of stress with holistic skincare and haircare. Thanks to the active adaptogens in holistic cosmetics, many consumers of holistic products benefit from lower stress levels, anxiety, and fatigue.

As mentioned earlier, lavender for hair and skin is a great natural ingredient with an array of benefits that many holistic consumers enjoy. Known to be a natural anxiolytic, a study written in 2013 by P. Koulivand, M. Ghadiri, and A. Gorji also states that lavender is a good mood stabilizer, and analgesic that can help with neurological issues like stress.

With its scientific backing and commercial popularity, lavender can be integrated into any routine quite easily. With its direct application to the hair and scalp, lavender can provide multiple emotional, mental , and physical benefits:

Mental and Emotional Benefits of Lavender

  1. Stress Reduction Through Aromatherapy
    Lavender in hair care can help reduce stress throughout the day. Thanks to its long-lasting calming scent providing sensory aromatherapy it has the ability to reduce stress and stabilize one’s mood throughout the day.

Physical Benefits of Lavender For Hair

  1. Promotes Hair Growth
    Aside from the mental and emotional health benefits of lavender, it also presents physical benefits to one’s hair. When applied directly to the scalp, lavender oil has been shown to improve hair growth by stimulating the follicles to grow into thicker strands at a faster rate.
  2. Antimicrobial Properties
    Lavender also has antimicrobial properties. By reducing the possibility of bacteria and fungi growth on the scalp, using lavender for hair prevents itchy scalp and dandruff flakes from forming.
  3. Reduces Scalp Inflammation

In addition to hair growth and antimicrobial properties, lavender can help reduce scalp inflammation which can reduce dryness and help maintain a healthy scalp.

Lavender for Hair: Holistic Care for Mind and Body with Provital

With the rise of the holistic consumer, it is important to provide good quality products that meet both the emotional and physical needs of every consumer. Knowing this Provital created a potent lavender extract in their Vitacares line to align with holistic consumers’ wants and needs. Using vegan-compliant and Cosmos-Approved, this product contains adaptogens to reduce stress while also having several physical benefits to one’s hair and skin.

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