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The best natural ingredients for baby skin will take centerstage after COVID-19

Protecting our children will always be a priority. In the shadow of a health crisis like COVID-19, this desire is even more pronounced. Although central concerns before, now, health and hygiene are the most significant priorities in baby care. That’s why the best natural ingredients for baby skin will be at the forefront of consumer demand in the coming months. In the face of the coronavirus pandemic, parents are looking to nature to protect their baby’s delicate skin.

However, the BPC market will inevitably experience the economic shifts that will come in the wake of the crisis. In the baby care segment specifically, it is likely that it won’t be hit quite as hard due to the essential nature of baby products. That said, added benefits and new innovation are critical to push the market and maintain sales. In response, brands should harness this tendency towards natural and create products that cater to the demand for safe and sustainable products – here’s how.

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Simplicity and safety

According to research from Mintel, 64% of parents of 0-4s purchase products that only use a few ingredients. This is because now more than ever, there is a tacit link between simplicity and safety: NPD featuring recognizable, natural ingredients like ‘cotton’, ‘milk’ or ‘water’ are becoming increasingly popular. The best natural ingredients for baby skin tell a story; they have immediate associations with softness, safety, and gentleness that attract health-conscious parents. For instance, a premium baby wipe brand whose claims feature simply ‘water’ enjoyed value sales growth of 1.2% in the first quarter of 2020 alone (Mintel, 2020). 

As such, ingredient transparency is integral to driving sales in the baby care space. Brands can boost ‘clean’ claims with free-from labeling or clear, accessible descriptions of unfamiliar ingredients. Moreover, there is a substantial opportunity here: currently, 46% of parents who buy nappies and wipes agree that there are not enough natural/organic options (Mintel, 2020), so brands should take advantage of this demand.

Combining sustainability and convenience

However, simplicity and safety have been key claims in the baby care segment for a while now. In order to stand out in an increasingly challenging market, brands need to take innovative approaches to new concerns. A good strategy is to consider how to tackle conflicting demands; for example, 42% of parents prioritize convenience when shopping for baby products. However, in contrast, 62% of parents agree that there’s a lot of pressure put on parents to buy eco-friendly products (Mintel, 2020).

Clearly, brands need to develop products that meet these parallel demands: natural, sustainable products that are also convenient and easy-to-use. Many household name baby brands are already exploring this path, with a remarkable 20% uptick in NPD for sustainable nappies and wipes in 2019. Considering the heightened environmental concerns caused by COVID-19, baby care brands should pursue this line of inquiry to stay relevant.

Discover the best natural ingredients for baby skin

The coronavirus pandemic is transforming the BPC market from every angle. In this climate, baby care may have some resilience economically, but brands need to cater to parents’ evolving concerns. The demand for the best natural ingredients for baby skin will grow, and meanwhile, brands need to focus on added value claims that help them stand out in a challenging economic climate. This means getting creative: how can baby wipes, nappies, and baby skin care products be both convenient and sustainable? How can we cater to parents’ growing concerns about the environment?

Provital has always focused on natural, safe ingredients that care for the environment. The CareMotives portfolio of natural extracts features several vegetal milks from coconuts, oats, and quinoa. These all-natural hero ingredients clearly communicate a message of gentle, natural, and simple formulas that are perfect for baby skin. Easily incorporated into innovative formats, Provital is committed to helping the baby care sector keep creating gentle, sustainable products.

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