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Provital receives an award for research on blackberry benefits for skin sculpting

This July, the Ringier Personal Care Product Technology Innovation Award Ceremony was held in Guangzhou, China. At the ceremony, Provital was honored to receive the Ringier Technology Award 2022 for the result of our innovation that unlocked blackberry benefits for skin sculpting: Sculpup™.

Sculpup™ contains a patented mechanism that the Ringier Awards panel identified as groundbreaking. The ingredient’s smart adipogenic action increases collagen synthesis in the skin, leaving a plumper, volumized appearance. Meanwhile, Sculpup™ supports the dermis’s extracellular matrix to better adapt to changes in volume, thereby preventing the fibrosis associated with the appearance of cellulite on thighs, and buttocks.

Provital discovered this powerful action through RNA sequence analysis, a branch of transcriptomics specifically applied to human gene expression. Combined with fresh concepts in cosmetic science, this active ingredient ushers in a new era of pro-data smart beauty products.

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Blackberry: a trusted ingredient, proven to be powerful

Blackberries are a well-known botanical ingredient. Blackberry benefits for skin have previously been attributed to their polyphenol content, which includes flavonols, anthocyanins, and ellagitannins, all of which have powerful antioxidant properties.

To further investigate blackberry properties, Provital used RNA-seq data to analyze thousands of genes. This process confirmed a new active role: blackberry encourages adipogenesis, the process that stimulates the maturation of adipocytes, the fat cells that make up adipose tissue. This tissue plays an important role in the plumpness and volume of the skin, being most abundant in the lips, cheeks, bust, and buttocks. 

Transcriptomics also revealed that blackberry can also stimulate lipogenesis, the process that supports the storage of lipids in adipocytes. When stimulated, this filling effect creates plumper, more volumized body contours. This makes skin appear smoother, fuller, and firmer.

Discovery of blackberry benefits for skin sculpting signal a new turn in body care

Sequencing thousands of genes with the aid of transcriptomic science has enabled researchers to confirm what has already been detected in classic in vitro studies. From here, we could harness the findings to extend a range of blackberry benefits for skin sculpting and volumizing that had yet to be explored. 

This is particularly relevant in light of current beauty and anti-aging trends. The days of size 0 are long gone and thin is no longer in. Instead, consumers are looking for a plumper, fuller silhouette. They understand that fat cells are no longer necessarily the enemy, and in fact, play an important role in keeping the skin looking young, and in recovering the lost volume in those areas after lactancy, dieting, aging…

This is associated with the growing trend of cosmetic fillers. However, invasive procedures are not for everyone; Sculpup™ offers a natural alternative. This inclusive beauty solution provides the push-up, filling effect to enhance body contours, leaving the corporeal skin looking younger and fuller. This opens up many potential future possibilities in the field of volumizing body care.

Provital’s product doesn’t only care for the body; it also protects the planet. The blackberries Provital uses are organic, ensuring this innovative body volumizing ingredient is COSMOS certified and 100% natural in origin. This meets contemporary beauty trends from three angles: inclusive, plumping products, inspired by nature and proven by science. 

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