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Why botanical gel moisturizer meets the watery beauty trend

Climatic conditions and stress can play havoc with your skin. In a harsh environment, the skin needs hydration – and this is reflected by consumer demand. Consistently, moisturization has been a primary category in beauty and personal care with 72% of US women and 27% of men using a facial moisturizer (Mintel, 2020). However, there are some interesting trends emerging in the hydration segment: namely, the tilt towards ‘watery beauty’ products like botanical gel moisturizer.

This is could be put down to an increasing preference for ‘back-to-nature’ or ‘clean’ formulas: according to Mintel, 42% of consumers used all-natural formulas in 2018. Hydration and hygiene begin with water, so the association is simple; then, connected with the ‘healthy halo’ of botanicals and plants, the health-conscious trend we see emerging has a logical foundation. Considering 52% of BPC consumers look for products that are made with natural ingredients, this is a key route to tapping into the watery beauty trend.

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Why gel textures are taking off

Early this year, 39% of participants in a Mintel study reported that the key benefit they sought was making the skin appear plump/hydrated. However, many consumers – particularly young adults – are concerned about the oil content of moisturizing products. Equally, environmental factors can lead to a combination complexion, where different zones require different care. A good (and pertinent) example is mask usage, which can cause drying or acne depending on the user.  

Watery beauty holds a solution; compared to cream formulas, gel moisturizers are lightweight without compromising on efficacy. According to a study in Clinical, Cosmetic, and Investigational Dermatology, researchers noted increased water content in the skin as well as more radiance, clarity, and improved texture after 12 weeks using a gel moisturizer. As these formulas are non-greasy and quickly absorbed, they leave the skin feeling clean and refreshed.

Clean and hydrating botanical gel moisturizers

Water-based moisturizer is hydrating, light, and cleansing. Combined with a gentle natural extract, a refreshing botanical gel is a very literal iteration of the clean beauty movement – meeting consumer demands head-on. Botanical gel formulas are already springing up throughout the BPC market, with brands turning to invigorating extracts like cucumber and aloe vera. 

These formulations are particularly relevant in the context of the COVID-19 pandemic, as consumers’ clean beauty concerns expand into hygiene. Extracts like aloe vera that traditionally have medicinal and antibacterial associations are set to become increasingly popular. This is because consumers are already looking for skin care products that take a holistic approach to health, providing multi-functional benefits. With immunological, calming, and hydrating properties, a gel containing botanicals like aloe vera rolls these apposite consumer demands into a single step.

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How the proven benefits of aloe vera respond to demand

Provital’s Aloe Vera Gel demonstrates the multi-use potential of the extract. Aloe vera has always had connections with cleansing, healing, and hydrating, making it an obvious companion to a botanical gel formula. Plus, these benefits are scientifically proven. 

Aloe vera gel contains different macromolecule types, mainly polysaccharides and glycoproteins. These compounds interact with the immune cell surface, triggering an antibody response. More recently, other compounds in aloe vera have been reported as the main agents producing immuno-modulatory action. As we move through the COVID-19 pandemic, consumers want beauty that’s clean, caring, and safe – and aloe vera gel is potentially the answer.

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