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Why cucumber extracts are ideal for ‘skin rescue’ products after COVID-19

Consultants Kline project that post-pandemic, consumer purchasing patterns will shift substantially. This is likely to be felt acutely in beauty and personal care, where consumers are set to forego ‘discretionary expenses’ (e.g. fragrance, color cosmetics), yet necessities (e.g. soaps, lotions), are likely to be relatively protected. In the context of the COVID-19 outbreak, these ‘rescue’ products – containing ingredients like aloe or cucumber extracts – are likely to become more central to skin care routines.

This is particularly the case as mask usage becomes a big part of our daily lives. Wearing a face covering can dry and irritate the skin, making deep moisturizing products fall squarely into the rescue product category. Consumers want formulas to alleviate this new skin stress, and once again in a pandemic context, they want such products to be safe, clean, and natural.

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Protect with the healthy halo of superfoods

In the face of a natural disaster like the coronavirus pandemic, consumers are looking to counter this event with the healing power of nature. According to Ecovia Intelligence, consumers are choosing natural and organic products to enhance well-being and immunity. Equally, natural ingredients with antibacterial or antiviral associations are gaining popularity. 

Mintel suggests that these associations with safety stem from familiarity. Natural, food-like ingredients benefit from the ‘healthy halo’ of organic consumables. This gives consumers greater confidence that the product is safe and the manufacturer is honest and transparent. Mintel’s research suggests that 56% of women look for so-called superfoods (e.g. pineapple, avocado) in the beauty products they purchase. 

Cucumber extracts to the rescue

Considering these market conditions, it will be organic ‘rescue’ beauty that customers will perceive as indispensable. Such products need to be refreshing, hydrating, and soothing. This is why formulas containing cucumber extracts are an interesting proposition in light of the unique demands of the time. Having long had associations with clarifying, hydrating beauty treatments, cucumber extracts are a useful complex to include in products specifically targetted at calming dryness caused by environmental factors, such as mask usage. 

This is because cucumber extracts display remarkable trans-epidermal water loss (TEWL) regulatory activity. Cucumbers contain various carbohydrate compounds that are hygroscopic, that is, they absorb water to contribute to better moisture retention in the epidermis. From here, these compounds build hydrogen bonds and a protective coat on the skin, thus slowing down transepidermal water loss. Cucumber extracts are also high in vitamin C, a powerful antioxidant that provides powerful protection against the effects of photoaging.

Provital’s revitalizing cucumber extract

Provital’s Cucumber Extract Eco was developed with the naturally refreshing effect of cucumber in mind. This ingredient is intensely revitalizing, perfect for clarifying and hydrating the skin after sustained mask usage. Alternatively, the ingredient is water-soluble, so it’s ideal to include in on-the-go hydrating sprays. Furthermore, the active’s vitamin C and E content also mean the ingredient has powerful free radical and UV protection. Finally, but importantly, the raw materials used to formulate this active are COSMOS-certified organic, directly responding to the need to harness nature to rescue the skin in these challenging times.

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