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Flash effect: The traditional Japanese ritual that brings rest and revitalizes your skin

The ‘boosting results’ trend highlights the ever-increasing need of cosmetics and personal care consumers for an instant, flash effect. New quick and efficient beauty products that bring in results swiftly are preferred, where consumers favour products that present overnight outcomes and make them save time.

In fact, according to the Mintel Trend Prove it, consumers are doing their homework and expecting proof before purchase. On the other hand, brands are having to respond to this consumer demand, using product claims or even product names that imply a ‘flash effect’, a claim mainly applied to products aimed at revitalising skin, especially facial skin.

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The all-embracing goal is to grant consumers access to a healthy look quickly, while also easing the beauty rituals they must undergo. For the BPC industry, this means there is a need to create formulas that use revitalising ingredients and provide the instant effect sensation consumers are demanding.

Following our own expertise and constant research and innovation, at Provital we’ve found a great option to meet this flash effect demand. 

Inemuri: the Japanese ritual for a flash effect

Following new consumers’ interests and a new academic perspective that blends modern science with ancient knowledge, the cosmetic industry has lately put its attention in tradition and ritual around the globe. This has brought a new perspective from which brands can uncover new storytelling opportunities. 

Take the Inemuri ritual, from traditional Japanese culture, which presents a great potential for the flash effect and revitalizing narrative. 

The word ‘Inemuri’ derives from two elements: ‘I’ refers to “being present” while ‘Nemuri’ refers to “dream”, the whole word associated with the art of “being present while you sleep”

While this might sound as an elusive concept that is also described as “light and virtuous sleep” or “awake sleep”, it is in fact quite straightforward: Inemuri speaks of the Japanese tactic to regain energy and remain productive by taking small naps in order to re-energize the body and the mind. 

The Inemuri ritual is applied throughout Japanese daily life, including different daily routines and personal and work environments. In fact, this view of napping as a necessary stop in order to continue is appreciated and valued as a sign of virtuosity, hard work and responsibility.

While Inemuri is intended to speak directly about spiritual practices, there’s a scientific truth behind this traditional knowledge and ritual that brings in palpable benefits to its practitioners. 

The relationship between sleep hours and health has been proven numerous times, with the sleep-wake cycle being increasingly relevant in scientific research as the The 2017 Nobel Prize in Medicine showed. Sleep presents a critical impact on our physical and mental well-being, while resting allows the body and brain to recover from the energy consumed during the day. 

It’s this tangible link between rest and health that the Inemuri ritual tackles and an association that cosmetic brands can also translate into actual ideas for formulas and their storytelling. 

While skin care is more and more associated with psychological well-being and neuroscience is increasingly at the service of cosmetics, brands shouldn’t hesitate to take this opportunity: it’s the time to generate a revitalizing line of products that brings in a flash effect for consumers’ energy and vitality.

Goji: the extract for a revitalizing flash effect

Our Goji Eco extract is an exotic ingredient that provides skin with a boost of energy and vitality due to the wide variety of compounds it contains. 

An evergreen shrub extensively used in traditional Chinese, Japanese, Mongolian and Hymalayan medicine for millennia, goji contains high percentages of required macronutrients, including carbohydrates, proteins, fat, fiber, and glycoconjugates (some of them unique). 

Among its many uses, goji has been known for its anti-inflammatory, antibacterial properties, while mainly being employed to increase energy in cases of weakness and fatigue. More recently, following the ORAC (Oxygen Radical Absorbance Capacity) scale, goji has been labeled as the most powerful anti-aging food in the world.

Science backs claims made by traditional medicine around goji. In a study conducted by Amagase, H. et al, based on goji intake (juice), more than 80% of volunteers expressed an improvement in the quality of sleep, 70% noticed an improvement in waking up, concentration and mental acuity, and more than 55% said they felt better, healthier and happier. Also, around 50% felt they had more energy, better athletic performance and less fatigue.

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Our Goji Eco extract thus provides the perfect narrative and flash effect claims to attract result-driven consumers.
Want to learn more about natural extracts and their relations to traditional rituals that have great storytelling potential for your brand and products? Download our free ‘Rituals of the world for happiness’ and get inspired.

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