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Moisturizer for oily skin: Men and the best natural ingredients

When searching for the right moisturizer for oily skin, men have been showing a growing interest for specific skin care treatments. Male demand for effective skin care products has been growing non-stop for years now, with a 7% increase in sales in the US in 2018 as reported by CNBC. This corresponds with more positive forecasts, published by Statista; by 2024, the global male grooming market is estimated to be worth about $81.2 billion.

Figures show a great opportunity for beauty brands to address the specific concerns of their male consumers. They also demonstrate this demographic is ready to go beyond products such as deodorants or aftershave creams, joining a wider holistic wellness and eco-friendly trend that guides their purchase decisions. In fact, a 2019 CGS survey proved that sustainability is increasingly driving customers’ demand and loyalty. Brands should respond by developing new versatile products such as a moisturizer for oily skin that responds to these market shifts. 

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Routines for oily skin: The need for a specific moisturizer

Oily skin is caused by excessive sebum production from sebaceous glands. This can generate several problems, from acne to open pores and pimples and generally makes skin look unpleasantly greasy and shiny. A 2008 study by Arbuckle et al. found oily facial skin is associated with feelings of unattractiveness, embarrassment, and even frustration. 

This sebum imbalance requires men with oily skin to follow specific routines and use specific products in order to improve their skin’s health and appearance. As a rule, these three routines are typically advised to men with oily skin.

1. Washing skin more frequently than those with dry or mixed skin. There are a number of specific face wash products for oily skin to be used, normally containing salicylic acid in order to tackle the particular problems caused by oily skin. This process eliminates impurities and dirt and excessive oil that accumulate inside skin pores. 

2. Exfoliating two or three times per week will prevent pimples and acne and keeps up cell turnover.

3. Hydration. This is a particularly important process for men with oily skin, as the previous two routines can put the skin’s hydration at risk. However, it’s essential to find a moisturizer for oily skin, as it will regulate oil skin production and won’t promote it. 

How to generate the best moisturizer for oily skin for men

Following these routines is even more important for men, as male skin tends to be 20% thicker and oilier than women’s, presenting more open pores. This means men need specific sebum regulation and hydration products. 

Hydrated skin is the key to a young, glowing and radiant appearance. When it comes to moisture, human skin has developed a series of mechanisms and defenses that help to prevent dehydration. This is achieved through the natural moisturizing factor (NMF) as well as the skin’s natural barrier action.

The right moisturizer for oily skin will ideally stimulate the skin’s hydration mechanisms for a long-lasting moisturizing effect. This can be done through:

  • Providing humectants that are able to act as a protective barrier as well as locking skin’s moisture.
  • Adding antioxidants, which help support the skin’s bounce-back ability.

Besides, oil-free products should be favored, in order not to further contribute to the problem, while also using smooth exfoliating products to prevent pore obstruction, excess sebum and promote cell regeneration. 

Research has proven Aquaxtrem to provide all these benefits, becoming one of the most efficient moisturizers for oily skin for men. This active fraction promotes the synthesis of filaggrin, involucrin, and lipids (such as ceramides), the natural moisturizing factor that acts as an intercellular waterproofing seal in the skin barrier. 

A moisturizing in vivo evaluation proved that long-lasting moisturizing for skin treated with Aquaxtrem increased by 11.6% the day after, while presenting a 9.6% increase on the third day after the treatment. The result is an effective moisturizing treatment that also improves the skin’s natural barrier function: both in vitro and in vivo tests proved that the use of Aquaxtrem means less water is lost and the optimization of water balance.

In fact, a corneometer measuring the hydration levels for he most superficial layers of skin (stratum corneum) and their cohesion found a 30% improvement in skin dryness, generating a well hydrated, regular and smooth skin without flaking.

Aquaxtrem is obtained from rhubarb, a plant native to China and Tibet and used in traditional medicine for centuries. This also responds to growing consumer demands for natural and sustainable ingredients in beauty products. According to NPD, natural skin care accounted for more than one-quarter of annual sales just in the US in 2018, which means a 23% growth from the previous year. 

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