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Enhancing emotional well-being in skin and hair care with an oil extracted from petals

The pandemic has brought multiple changes to lifestyles that are, in turn, reflected in consumer behaviour. One of the most relevant is consumers’ search for products that enhance their emotional and mental well-being.. While this is true across many industries, the beauty and personal care industry has seen a surge in demands for skin and hair care products with a well-being narrative. Adelicate essential oil extracted from petals can inspire brands for new storytelling opportunities that embrace and stimulate emotional and mental well-being. 

The emotional side of the purchasing decision has evolved and experienced a profound boost lately. For instance,  47% of Mexican consumers* are interested in BPC product concepts that help them relax (Mintel, July  2020), while self-care and self-prioritization have become key purchasing behaviour trends for 2021.

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The healing of emotions and inner peace have been seen as paramount for a healthy body across the globe among different times and places: from yoga to less known rituals, traditional knowledge that links mental and physical health is today more accepted than ever. 

Brands that seek to connect with health-conscious consumers can feel inspired by traditional ceremonies and ingredients, such as an oil extracted from petals, in order to provide the powerful, contemporary narratives that consumers are seeking.

Heal emotions: Polynesian rituals and flowers 

Turning to traditional knowledge for healing emotions, the Polynesian Ho’oponopono ritual provides a great illustration. 

Ho’oponopono means “correction” or “supervision” and consists of a long-standing custom that encourages reconciliation and forgiveness in order to find emotional harmony. A deeply sacred tradition, it encourages participants to be proactive in redirecting emotions from a source within so that inner peace can be achieved in emotional and interpersonal conflicts.

While the ritual speaks of a spiritual custom specific to certain Polynesian cultures, Western science also reinforces this ancient ritual’s remarkable positive outcomes for participants, that combine emotional healing with aesthetic and beauty rituals.

In fact, positive emotions and harmony between mind and body have been found to contribute to a holistic vision of beauty, where physical beauty and mental well-being converge. 

This integrative vision is the basis for holistic science, a branch that incorporates multiple disciplines including medicine, psychology and body treatments in order to help patients boost their well-being.

The palpable link between mind and body and the existence of traditional rituals to align them becomes a key inspiration for new cosmetic creations. This is thus the right moment to launch a line of products that promotes natural, physical beauty as a result of internal balance and emotional well-being, ranging from beauty centers and spa installations to moisturizing products based on the holistic benefits of harmonizing body and mind.

Monoi Oil: the oil extracted from petals that cultivates emotional well-being

Always looking for innovative formulas that respond to consumer demands and international organic and natural certifications, at Provital we’ve developed our Monoï oil extract

This oil extracted from petals derives from Gardenia taitensis (also called Tiare māori or Tahitian Gardenia), native to the highland shores of the South Pacific and which has the distinction of being one of the few cultivated plants native to Polynesia. Its link with traditional native cultures is undeniable, as both men and women wear these fragrant flowers during special ceremonies and holidays.

Our Monoï Oil is a natural emollient with moisturizing, anti-aging and protective UV damage properties that is recommended both for skin and hair care. Presenting these remarkable effects, Monoï is considered a Polynesian sacred oil used for aligning body and mind and obtaining well-being. 

On top of this, modern Western science support the benefits that this oil extracted from petals provides: 

  • Monoï oil is rich in methyl salicylate, a powerful skin-soothing agent. 
  • In line with other natural extracts that promote hydration, Monoï is a naturally concentrated emollient which deeply penetrates the skin, re-hydrates the layers of the epidermis and shields skin against external damages including those coming from the sun and the wind. 
  • The visible results in skin include a softer and less wrinkled appearance, while it’s also been proved to help accelerate tanning
  • Applying this oil extracted from petals on hair brings about exceptional protection and repair activities: participants in research showed the oil provided a lubricating effect (80%), a coating activity (60%), and help diminishing dry ends (70-80%).

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Thus, Monoï oil becomes another natural extract that caters to consumers interested in botanical and holistic skin and hair treatments.
Find out about more Provital natural extracts that are linked to traditional knowledge and rituals, and get inspired for your next line of natural products by downloading our free inspirational guide ‘Rituals of the world for happiness’.

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