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Create the best scalp oil treatment by enhancing the new optimized beauty trend

The right time to generate an efficient and successful scalp oil treatment is here. More than ever, consumers are embracing hair health and efficiency claims in beauty and personal care products. This trend has been amplified by the coronavirus health crisis and the changes in lifestyles that have ensued, including a new focus on health.

The optimized beauty trend speaks of consumers’ needs for efficient and easy-to-use formulas that work. This bears witness to a specific trend for hair wellness, which is more and more seen as a holistic process, from products to close hair cuticles to the right scalp oil treatment. Thus, brands must devise innovations that speak directly to consumers’ new desires for health-oriented hair products.

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The optimized beauty trend: the time to promote hair and scalp health claims

The rise of health-conscious consumers comes hand in hand with another recent tendency:  the optimized beauty trend. This trend can be summarized in three main attributes:

  • A focus on healthy hair: consumers are responding to hair treatments that amplify healthy attributes. Hydration and damage prevention lead the benefits that consumers are focusing on, the latter category including claims such as  “protects against the elements” and “damaged hair”.
  • Concentrate on convenience: the optimized beauty trend also includes a focus on “easy to use” products. In fact, the same research cited above also shows this claim is the fastest-growing convenient claim, growing from 8 to 20%, being the 2nd favourite claim just after “long-lasting” and followed by “time/speed”.
  • A look at identity: with more consumers looking to enhance hair health, identity is not just a practical claim related to the external image, but a deep-rooted personal preference. 

An example: it’s true that 70% of black adults in the US say that their hair is most important in creating their overall look (Lightspeed/Mintel). However, as consumers value how diverse hair styles present different needs, hair becomes more than just a look: it’s a vital part of their identity. In order to respond to these, brands should thus provide the right personalized hair care products that target specific health issues for particular demographics. 

  • A natural look: this part of the optimized beauty trend has been intensified by the coronavirus crisis, when natural hair styles have been given the importance they hold today. This shift also includes a preference for familiar, natural ingredients, such as coconut or avocado oil and hydrolyzed wheat, all of which also promote long-term hair health. 

These three factors point towards a common deduction: consumers are looking for convenient, clean and natural products (combined with a new focus on hygiene after the coronavirus crisis) that enhance their hair health. In order to respond to this demand, moisturizing has become a common claim in hair products. This, however, leads to a difficulty in differentiation for brands. 

To stand out, brands can take the opportunity to create the right scalp oil treatment that will resonate with consumers and leave a memorable and distinctive mark. As more and more consumers understand scalp health as a necessity, brands can target this notion with products that gather efficiency, convenience and a natural look.

Coconut oil: the right scalp oil treatment for today’s consumer sensibilities

In light of the optimized beauty trend and new consumer sensibilities, coconut oil stands out as the perfect alternative for hair health products. Its multi-purpose functionalities and potential natural and ‘clean’ approach highlight this active ingredient’s relevance in today’s market. 

Just like ginko biloba is the right botanical ingredient in skin care for nature-oriented consumers, coconut oil offers the natural alternative for creating a scalp oil treatment that protects and repairs the hair without flattening it.

Provital’s coconut oil presents many benefits to generate a scalp oil treatment in line with consumer demands today, including a focus on hair health and convenience: it’s a moisturizing, hair repairing and hair strengthening oil, its natural origin certified and which complies with vegan, halal and the Cosmos certification for eco-friendly, natural cosmetics.
Taking post-covid consumer mindsets into account, including natural hair and long-term hair health trends, brands that take the opportunity to develop a coconut-based scalp oil treatment will stand in the spotlight for innovation and convenience.

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