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Rosemary for the skin: Simplifying a Sustainable Beauty Routine

While multi-product beauty routines have been a popular staple within the skincare community, there has been a significant rise in consumers labelled as preservationists who are rethinking how they use and purchase cosmetics. With many starting to identify as a preservationist consumer, using local and sustainable ingredients like rosemary has become somewhat of a rising trend within the beauty community, and with good reason. Not only does rosemary pack a punch when it comes to its natural skin benefits, but it is also a widely accessible ingredient that is known to require minimal resources to grow and process. 

The Eco-Ethical Preservationist Consumer

In simple terms, a preservationist is a type of conscious consumer that considers eco-ethical factors like sustainability and waste reduction efforts when choosing a product or supporting a brand. They often look for simple yet highly – effective cosmetic products to preserve the natural resources of the planet. This is why they are typically drawn to cosmetic brands that incorporate locally sourced and traditionally used ingredients that have multiple benefits in one product, while also following an end-to-end circularity or a minimal-waste model. 

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Rosemary in Traditional Cosmetics

While rosemary in modern cosmetics is gaining more traction and becoming a trend across the globe, its use in beauty products has been a long-time practice in the industry, especially in Mediterranean cosmetics. Since ancient Greek and Roman times, rosemary has been seen as a multifaceted ingredient that can be extracted and used in several beauty rituals. Considered to be a stimulating and regenerative plant, rosemary was used as a simple way to stimulate skin regeneration and aid in anti-aging efforts throughout most of Mediterranean history.

Rosemary in Modern Cosmetics

Though the process of extraction and packaging of rosemary products has been expanded outside the Mediterranean and into modern markets, traditional rosemary continues to be an effective natural ingredient that can be sustainably integrated into any beauty routine. However, with so many rosemary products in the market to choose from, conscious consumers like preservationists are really taking their time and choosing the best quality products from trusted companies to reap the most benefits.

As a general rule of thumb, preservationists will look for rosemary products that make use of locally sourced ingredients, are created in small batches to ensure quality control, and have minimal additives as this will provide consumers with the most potent and sustainable product. As a preservationist, high quality and potency are essential as not only will it lead to the desired results but will do so without having to consume additional skin products. For example, high-quality skincare items that make use of pure ingredients such as Rosmary (Rosmarinus officinalis) extract, will have a similar potency and quality to the traditional and multifaceted Mediterranean skincare standards, giving consumers the best results while needing to consume less. 

Benefits of Rosemary For Skin

1. Well-aging

As mentioned above, rosemary-containing products are known to have anti-aging properties. This is due to the high concentration of antioxidants such as vitamin E found in rosemary. Vitamin E in rosemary is known to be a natural substance that protects against cell deterioration, which can help fight the signs of aging. When applied to the skin, vitamin E mixed with the other powerful antioxidants found in rosemary helps to fight off free radicals which cause fine lines and wrinkles, leaving skin looking more youthful and healthy. 

2. Anti-Bacterial

Rosemary contains antibacterial properties that can help fight common skin issues like acne. Additionally, while other plant extracts tend to clog pores, rosemary is known to be non-comedogenic, helping skin remain blemish free.

3. Anti-Inflammatory 

Rosemary is also a proven natural anti-inflammatory ingredient that can soothe skin irritation and reduce inflammation. This makes it a great product for addressing skin conditions like eczema and even rosacea.

4. Promotes Skin Resurfacing and healing

As a stimulant, rosemary increases blood flow to the skin and aids in collagen production. This gives it the potential to remove visible scars on the skin and promote skin resurfacing. 

5. Aids in Toxin Removal

In addition to stimulating blood flow, rosemary also aids in stimulating the lymphatic system to remove toxins and keep skin balanced and healthy.

Conserve and Preserve with Provital 

As the number of preservationist consumers rises, minimal waste practices and mindful consumption are weaving their way into the cosmetics industry. With consumers becoming more environmentally and socially responsible for the brands they align with, the demands for eco-conscious yet effective ingredients and products are increasing as well.

With Provital’s ingredients like Rosemary Eco, the preservationists’ desire to consume “just enough” and minimize resource consumption is easier to do than one would think. Through Provital’s COSMOS-certified and highly concentrated Rosemary Eco ingredient, preservationist consumers will benefit from using one multifaceted ingredient. 

Without having to make use of multiple products and reducing unnecessary product consumption, Provital provides preservationists with the cosmetics results they seek while committing to a minimalist eco-ethical lifestyle.

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