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Aloe vera is the natural emollient to beautify oral care

Holistic health and beauty are taking over – and this has implications for every segment, including oral care. Consumers realize that their health, wellbeing, and beauty are deeply intertwined, which is why they’re looking for natural ingredients with applications beyond breath freshening. Consequently, products with wide-ranging benefits like a natural emollient, pro and postbiotic action, or anti-inflammatory properties are gaining popularity.

One such example is aloe vera. This plant’s soothing, calming properties are generally associated with skin and suncare, but as the holistic care trend gains pace, its benefits for the mouth are catching consumers’ attention. Here, we’ll explore the extract’s properties and potential for impact in the growing health-conscious, naturally-oriented oral care market.

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The compound at the root of aloe vera’s healing power 

The chemical composition of aloe vera has been of great interest to dermatologists, dieticians, and holistic health professionals alike for decades. This is largely because of its rich polysaccharide content. It’s long been known these compounds have powerful wound healing properties that can soothe and calm the skin. Along with  proteins that contain 18 amino acids, a host of vitamins, minerals, and biogenic stimulators, aloe vera is somewhat of a health hero. 

This natural emollient action is primarily powered by these polysaccharides. The major polysaccharide is glucomannan, which in synergy with other substances present in the plant’s gel, helps to soothe, calm, heal sores and reduce inflammation. Although these properties are commonly applied in skincare, they have substantial benefits in oral care, which we’ll discuss next.  

A natural emollient for the mouth and much more

Some researchers have suggested that the basis for aloe vera’s wound healing affects the diffusion of polysaccharides through the dermis., which locally activates the C3 level of complement. These principles are transferable from the skin to the inside of the mouth, soothing ulcers, cracks in the corners of the mouth, and irritation of the gums. 

This is complemented by anti-inflammatory, antiviral, and antiseptic properties that can relieve pain and prevent infection. For example, aloe vera gel can be used to treat the gum inflammation associated with gingivitis. Meanwhile, antiseptic substances like salicylic acid – another skincare favorite with transferable benefits for oral care – can minimize the spread of infection and promote healing. 

Aloe vera’s properties aren’t only treatments, they also have preventative benefits. For instance, the plant’s purifying properties can help prevent cavities and protect the tooth enamel, while combating germs and bacteria in the mouth. This keeps the mouth healthy from multiple angles, using a natural emollient, anti-inflammatory, and antibacterial agent that keeps the mouth clean and fresh. 

Provital’s Aloe Vera Gel

As the holistic health philosophy spreads into every segment, a natural antibacterial, anti-inflammatory ingredient like aloe vera has significant potential in the oral care market. For brands looking to tap into this trend, Provital’s Aloe Vera Gel ECO can be incorporated into oral care products just as well as skin and suncare. With natural, sustainably sourced, aloe vera extract, this ingredient seamlessly bridges the gap between overall wellbeing, skincare, and oral care that the holistic health movement is driving.  

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