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Aloe vera gel for curly hair: benefits and how to incorporate it to hair health routines

Using aloe vera for curly hair is one of the multiple benefits that this plant brings about in the hair health area. Aloe vera’s long recognised capacities for hair moisture have now been shining brighter as both companies and the general public realize the wider advantages for hair health that this plant can generate.

Water and an impressive compound of nutrients (including 20 minerals, 12 vitamins, 18 amino acids, and 200 phytonutrients) remain the secret for the outstanding advantages of using aloe vera for curly hair with the aim of improving its overall health.

As such, brands have been incorporating aloe vera gel for curly hair products, including pre-shampoo treatments, shampoo formulas, conditioners and styling products. 

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What are the benefits of aloe vera, the specific advantages of aloe vera gel for curly hair and how can brands incorporate it into winning formulas? We take a look at the current possibilities of aloe vera in hair health related to curly hair.

Aloe vera: an all-around health-boosting natural remedy

While the use of aloe vera as part of traditional medicine has long been documented, current scientific research has also focused on this plant’s exceptional benefits for the human body. It’s precisely this mix between natural remedy and scientifically-proven benefits that has made aloe vera one of the most popular ingredients in current botanical beauty trends.

In terms of its chemical composition, it’s alove vera’s rich polysaccharide content that takes centerstage.

As such, glucomannan, the main polysaccharide present in aloe vera, works in combination with other substances to provide the following health benefits: 

  • Calming and reducing inflammatory processes
  • Acceleration in wound healing
  • Antioxidant effects
  • Powerful emollient action
  • Antiviral and antiseptic properties

All these benefits have made aloe vera and the powerful gel stored in its leaves an all-around health hero ingredient that has been hailed in different beauty and personal care areas, from skin care to oral health.

Benefits of aloe vera gel for curly hair

As hair health is more and more understood and the need for personalized products acknowledged, companies are focused on presenting products that target curly hair and its own specific needs. 

In light of this, aloe vera gel for curly hair is particularly beneficial for the following processes: 

  • Aloe vera gel is a natural emollient. In other words, it provides a smoothing effect on skin and, in the case of hair, directly acts on hair cuticles, smoothing them and providing a protective barrier.  In terms of specific benefits for curly hair, this means hair treated with aloe vera is shinier, glossier and more easily detangled and conditioned.
  • Aloe vera’s high presence of water and sugars translate into moisture attraction and retention, thus acting as a powerful agent against dryness. 
  • The presence of amino acids and proteins in aloe vera gel means an overall improvement in hair strength and a reduction in hair breakage.
  • It can minimize dandruff and flaking scalp, as aloe vera’s natural enzymes help eliminate the dead skin cells that are behind it. It also provides relief for itchy scalp issues often caused by dandruff.
  • Using aloe vera gel in hair products also contributes to the increasingly important area of scalp health: it can balance pH levels and reduce potential inflammation problems (as proven by research), thanks to the fatty acids present in aloe vera gel.
  • Aloe vera can also mean improved hair growth due to cellular regeneration and the presence of vitamins A,C and E. This is combined with the action of Vitamin B12 and folic acid, which provide an effective stop for hair loss.
  • It provides a deep cleansing effect which is particularly important for oily hair. However, aloe vera also preserves hair integrity and doesn’t damage it.

All in all, using aloe vera for curly hair translates into an overall improvement in hair health which turns into shinier and softer hair.

Why aloe vera is the winning formula for curly hair

Beyond the hair health benefits described above, the use of aloe vera aligns with a number of current market trends shaping the BPC industry today:

  • The new understanding of hair health from a holistic perspective. An example of this is how hair loss is now understood from a new viewpoint where skin barrier issues and wellbeing are taken into account. As a consequence, the use of aloe vera and its multiple benefits help companies target health-conscious consumers looking for efficient remedies to their issues.
  • The development of personalized formulas. Winning formulas today understand that products targeting curly hair must necessarily be different to formulas that target dry hair, (for example). A specific product using aloe vera for curly hair will attract consumers looking to solve their particular issues.
  • A preference for natural, sustainably-sourced ingredients. The global market value for natural cosmetics and personal care is expected to grow from almost 34.5 billion dollars in 2018 to roughly 54.5 billion dollars in 2027, driven by increasing consumer attention for natural remedies. 

In the quest for ingredient transparency and high efficacy, this growth is especially true for botanical beauty that is backed by scientifically-proven claims and natural and organic certifications.
In such a context, the use of a natural, sustainably-sourced Aloe vera extract such as Provital’s helps brands stand directly at the heart of this growth.

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