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Argan oil for curly hair: the hair health trend BPC brands shouldn’t miss

The popularity of using argan oil for curly hair comes as no surprise in the current BPC market, where brands are continuously discovering how narratives revolving around natural ingredients continue to be successful.

Argan oil is in fact a key ally for curly hair. Extracted from the nut of the argan tree, a tree species native to northwestern Africa, this oil is also known as “liquid gold” for its many moisturizing benefits for both skin and hair health.

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When paired with the particular needs of curly hair, this nourishing ingredient (also known as Moroccan oil) unfolds all its Vitamin E, antioxidants and fatty acids goodness to generate a healthy, shiny mane.

Want to learn more about the benefits of argan oil for curly hair and why the current market is embracing this sort of solution from brands? Keep reading to find out.

Argan oil for curly hair: the benefits

As awareness around hair health spreads, it’s increasingly clear that different types of hair require different types of care. The use of argan oil for curly hair stands at the heart of the particular needs for this type of hair.

In general, it could be said that curly hair is more prone to display frizz issues, as well as split ends. Other more general damages include the problems related to sun exposure, dandruff or a lack of moisture, among others.

The outstanding benefits of argan oil for curly hair include:


Argan oil provides deep moisture for curly hair. Just by using a few drops of this ingredient it’s possible to significantly improve hair wellness in terms of moisture, which also translates into less frizz and split ends.

This ingredient’s powerful moisturizing features are caused by its high content in oleic and linoleic acids, providing an extra water retention that makes curly hair look and be healthier than ever.Barrier protection 

Argan oil’s content in fatty acids translates into enhancing the hair’s natural barrier against damage. This is useful for curly hair in general and those curls that are subjected to styling practices that use heat or chemicals and that can potentially harm hair.

Boost in scalp health and anti-dandruff

Scalp health needs have become a key concern for savvy consumers who know their hair health well. In fact, the scalp is already considered a crucial element in stimulating hair growth, and it’s treated using preferably natural ingredients.

The use of argan oil for curly hair is inscribed in this trend: massaging this ingredient into the scalp helps blood flow and introduces nutrients that promote cell repair processes while also encouraging hair growth at the follicle level. 

Argan oil’s potent concentration of Vitamin E further acts as an anti-inflammatory that soothes the scalp and can help avoid dandruff.

Sun Protection

The origin of argan oil provides a legacy for its robust sun-protection properties: this oil’s effective antioxidant elements mean there’s a powerful protection against UV rays that can be detrimental to hair wellness.

The hair health focus: why argan oil for curly hair is currently on trend

There’s no shortage of proof that the preference for natural products when it comes to hair wellness is here to stay: while this market segment was valued at USD 8.74 billion in 2019, forecasts predict a compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of 4.7% from 2020 to 2027, according to Grand View Research

So consumers’ inclinations for argan oil for curly hair come as no surprise. In fact, similar tendencies can be spotted in the current demand for aloe vera products for curly hair, which also builds up from this ingredient’s powerful moisturizing capacities.

Additionally, other curly hair health concerns have been replacing glycerin (a water-soluble alcohol) by other also moisturizing natural ingredients such as oats, successfully applying the now popular “foodie trends” to the cosmetic market.

In such a context, at Provital we’ve wanted to provide brands with an effective ingredient to align with current hair wellness trends and market demands. Our Argan Oil ECO is COSMOS certified and generates the moisturizing, antioxidant and regenerating effects that those using argan oil for curly hair look for in a product.

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