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Evolve beauty: a new trend that understands oral care from a holistic perspective

As consumers are more and more aware and educated about their oral health, they demand a step up from traditional oral care solutions. Applied in this context, the evolve beauty concept seeks oral solutions that are sustainable and transparent about their claims and effects. We take a look at this trend and provide a product example to inspire brands to follow the evolve beauty path.

Evolve beauty in oral care: What does it mean?

The evolve beauty is an approach to beauty and personal care products that understands them as the tools to provide a holistic care.

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Such a consumer is usually informed and health-conscious, as he or she understands the link between body and mind and the complex intersection between different body processes. He or she is also typically interested in sustainable, natural solutions (particularly those that are certified) that, at the same time, include ingredients that have proven to be effective.

In the oral care context, consumers that adjust to the evolve beauty trend are increasingly interested in the following topics: 

  • A search for quality, healthy products. According to research undertaken by Mintel regarding purchase drivers in 2020, Product Quality and Health appear on the top 4 priorities for consumers who have used oral care products in the last 3 months. 

Thus, mentioning product characteristics or ingredients that are perceived as “quality” and “healthy” features will likely appeal to those looking for “evolve beauty” products. Alliances with oral care professionals such as dentists that are popular on social media will also attract new consumers, especially if the narrative is centered on explaining oral health and how to maintain it.

  • Preference for natural ingredients that are also present in the beauty and personal care market. Research and market observations show there’s a strong interest in natural ingredients in oral care products that are also used in beauty/skincare categories – such as activated charcoal and coconut oil.

For instance, in China, 68% of surveyed consumers would like to see sea salt as an ingredient in oral care products and 63% would like them to include activated charcoal.

  • Probiotic claims are growing. Today, more and more studies confirm the relationship between probiotics and oral health, including vital areas such as caries and caries-associated microbes, periodontal diseases, oral candida and halitosis. While microbiome has been traditionally linked to digestive health, oral microbiome is gaining popularity and could rapidly evolve in the next years from a niche claim to a widely sought-after product effect. 

Building from the success of gut microbiome claims, active patent families related to the oral microbiome have grown from 4 to more than 70 in the period between 2008-2018. At the same time, while different narratives are possible within the probiotic approach, natural antibacterial and anti-inflammatory formulations are the most sought after today. 

These trends are particularly true for the younger generations (between 18 and 34 years old), who have consistently shown up in research as the age group that uses oral care products the most. This also provides a hint for product formulas and narratives, as younger generations are also interested in other trends such as the ones that link cosmetics and emotions, digital and physical experiences and the “back to fun” trend.

In such a context, there are a number of products that have successfully integrated these movements, such as chewing gum that feeds mouth-resident good bacteria or yoghurt that helps rebalancing the oral microflora, strengthening gum health.

Trikenol plus: A complement for the evolve beauty oral care market

TRIKENOL PLUS™ is a prebiotic plant-derived active that provides the perfect antimicrobial complement for oral care products that lead consumers’ preferences today.

This active, developed by Provital on our search for evolved, natural actives that respond to today’s demands, presents the following characteristics: 

  • It’s plant derived. This active is a synergistic blend of two plant-origin ingredients: terpinen-4-ol obtained by fractional distillation of tea tree oil or Melaleuca alternifolia; and willow extract (Salix Alba), enriched with salicylic derivatives. Willow extract, in particular, is widely used in cosmetics and dermatology due to its moisturizing, keratolytic, anti-irritant and antiseborrheic properties. It also has properties to be used as an astringent, analgesic, anti-inflammatory and antimicrobial active ingredient (Council of Europe, 2001). It is rich in polyphenols, flavonoids and salicylic derivatives.
  • Provides microbiota balance or skin and scalp flora(proven in vitro efficacy), although it could also be used with the same end for oral health f. It thus protects the beneficial microbiota and achieves a balance of bacterial flora, as beneficial bacteria are not affected by this active.
  • In vitro efficacy has also proven this active’s anti-inflammatory, anti-irritating and antimicrobial activity (Pazyar et al., 2013).

All in all, TRIKENOL PLUS™ provides an effective answer to new oral care demands regarding evolve beauty concepts by increasingly informed consumers.

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