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Why Matricaria flower extract is oral care’s new hero

Every facet of the personal care market is being impacted by an increasingly health-conscious consumer. These consumers – typically younger, sustainability-oriented individuals – are reading labels closer, researching ingredients, and investigating supply chains to ensure every ingredient is healthy. This doesn’t just extend to makeup and skincare; oral health products are also under the microscope. This is why Matricaria flower extract is a compelling proposition for the market – but before that, we’ll look closer at the conditions. 

A new fervor for health

Even before the pandemic – where arguably, a real fervor for health was unleashed – consumers were pivoting towards natural. This was because, in the shadow of the climate crisis, consumers perceived natural products to be more trustworthy. According to a recent study of 1,000 consumers by Gerber Finance, 31% said that they trusted natural brands over their conventional counterparts, while 62% expect natural companies to make high-quality products.

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This survey was relevant to the entire ‘natural’ segment, from food to beauty products, detergents, and beyond. But if we look deeper at the data directly relevant to oral care, we can see a parallel trend emerging. According to research conducted by Mintel in the middle of last year, product quality and how “healthy” a formula is are amongst consumers’ top five concerns when selecting an oral care product. 

Healthier claims in oral care

A further crucial contextual point is that a more health-conscious consumer tends to be more educated. They have more nuanced concerns about what they expect from an oral care product, far beyond a flavor. For example, consumers are increasingly aware of the importance of the oral microbiome and anti-inflammatory agents. According to a study also conducted by Mintel, 62% of consumers in China are attracted by formulas with pre or probiotic claims. 

To satisfy this demand, they’re looking beyond traditional mint formulas. Formulations ranging from botanical and herbal blends to modified species of commensal (friendly) bacteria are all growth areas, from larger brands to niche labels. Matricaria flower extract, or chamomile, is but one hero ingredient amongst various options. Other potential headliners also include ginseng, aloe vera, or ginger. 

Matricaria flower extract

That said, Matricaria flower extract is a particularly compelling proposition. Matricaria recutita, also called chamomilla recutita, has been shown to have remarkable anti-microbial and balancing properties. For example, S.epidermidis and S.aureus are varieties of bacteria that compose part of the human skin microbiome. However, when they overpopulate, they can become pathogenic. Matricaria flower extract can balance the activity of these bacteria, maintaining balance and optimal microbial health.

Equally, Matricaria flower extract has anti-inflammatory properties. Clinical studies have shown that the combined action of the flavonoids, tannins, and phenolic compounds present in a dermatological preparation containing chamomile demonstrated benefits comparable to hydrocortisone (0.25%).

In the context of an evolving, increasingly sophisticated oral health market, Matricaria flower extract presents an exciting opportunity. Ingredients such as this are vital for oral care brands who want to position themselves as natural, healthy, and trustworthy. The time is now to develop formulations to tap into this emerging market and pull ahead of the competition.

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