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Body shaping products: Enhance self-image by focusing on adipogenesis and lipogenesis

At a time when the COVID-19 crisis has brought personal transformation to the forefront, body shaping products have shown their potential to enhance self-image. While preoccupations with self-care and body shape were already increasingly present for consumers, the COVID-19 crisis has made them evolve. As a secondary effect to confinement, users have turned their attention to many activities and exercise routines that can be performed at home, Mintel has found. However, this isn’t the only solution to the seeming inevitability of weight gain. The generation of fatty tissue or adipogenesis can be suppressed by other means and this is the moment when body shaping products take the field.

This represents a significant opportunity for brands to generate and promote products that help consumers manage their body shape and enhance self-confidence. Combined with home exercise programs, body shaping products can be marketed as a daily action that can help relieve stress and anxiety about body image during lockdown.

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Body shaping products: What are the options?

The road to achieving the desired body shape will take consumers down different routes, with exercise, diet, and body shaping products being the three main avenues. Body shaping  products, in particular, provide a stay-at-home alternative that can easily fit into consumers’ daily routines, helping them improve their self-image. 

The main mechanism used by body shaping  products is to restrain adipogenesis and stimulate lipolysis, a process that results in the generation of fatty tissue that ultimately characterizes obesity. In other words,  a body shaping gel or cream takes action through fatty acid oxidation processes, performing key activities to burn fat tissue.  

There are now new, innovative body shaping products in the market that circumvent this process by including active ingredients that perform thermogenesis, activating white fat and transforming it into brown/beige fat. This process works by increasing body heat, achieving both a boost in the user’s metabolism while also helping them actively burn body fat. This is typically used, for instance, in products that focus on the visible improvement of cellulite. 

Caffeine, green tea, capsaicin (a molecule found in chili peppers), or Garcinia cambogia (a tropical fruit) are some of the popular plant extracts found today in body shaping products. These ingredients stimulate the release of adrenaline, boosting metabolism and fat burning. They can also reduce appetite, making them a great ally for dieting.

While providing effective adipogenesis inhibition, these natural ingredients are also responding to a new organic trend that has been at work in the cosmetics and personal care industries for a while now. This tendency is unlikely to go away and Mintel has predicted that it will continue and expand in the next decade. As consumers’ sustainability sensibilities grow, they will keep demanding and incorporating natural, organic ingredients in products into their daily routines.

In fact, the COVID-19 crisis has reinforced these sensibilities, as the concept of clean beauty has now evolved to include not just natural products but also consumers’ concerns about health risks and safety, Mintel has also found. Thus, consumers are looking to merge the use of natural ingredients that are safe to use and sustainable, but also provide efficient results.

Lipout™, the natural active ingredient for body shaping products that turns “bad” fat into “good” 

Lipout™ is a natural active ingredient that transforms fat-storing adipocytes into fat-burning cells. In other words, this ingredient is able to turn fat-accumulating adipose tissue into tissue that actively burns fat. It provides an effective solution for body shaping  products, as its proven results show: Lipout™ produces a reduction of thickness in the subcutaneous fat layer by up to 5.7 cm in women’s thighs and up to 10.4 cm in men’s abdomen. This ingredient was developed through a biotechnological and innovation process and awarded with a BSB Innovation 2nd Prize. 

An extract of Tisochrysis lutea, a microalgae also used in aquaculture, it helps sculpt the body, enhance firmness and slim via two-way process: on the one hand, it transforms white adipocytes into beige adipocytesand, on the other hand, it activates them so that they are able to burn fat through thermogenesis. The result is a powerful natural active ingredient that redefines and reshapes the silhouette. With its natural origin and proven effectiveness, Lipout™ becomes the key element to reformulate body shaping products to meet consumer demands, a winner to be incorporated in the next best-selling body shaping cream or body shaping gel, especially at a time when the importance of self-care has grown exponentially.

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