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Sea salt soap benefits self-care the natural, accessible way

After the pandemic, with self-care being the new beauty mantra, sea salt soap benefits have become a hot trend. 

Consumers are looking for multi-functional health, beauty, and wellness products that support mental and physical health. Predictably, immune health is a key consumer concern; according to research conducted by Mintel, 58% of American women say the ideal supplement would have immunity-enhancing properties. 

This demand for health and hygiene translates into the BPC space, with a distinct rise in NPD featuring holistic wellbeing and immune health support claims. For instance, sea salt soap benefits the body and mind, so we can expect to see an uptick in launches featuring ingredients like these.

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Navigating new BPC consumer habits after COVID-19

Certainly, self-care is center stage in the wake of the global pandemic. Consumers will be prioritizing their health and wellbeing, however, finances will also play a key role. 

As of June 3, 2020, 28% of British consumers reported that they expected to spend less than usual on BPC products over the coming month, compared to 6% who planned to increase their spending (Mintel/Lightspeed, 2020). As a result, consumers are likely to reduce the number of products they use, searching instead for convenient multi-function solutions. Considering the climate, how can BPC brands negotiate this increasingly complex landscape?

The answer is to emphasize wellness and accessibility. Brands have to position health aspirations as achievable and affordable, as well as essential. For instance, ‘essential’ activities and purchases were permitted during even the strictest lockdowns, so BPC brands should insert their products into this category. Such products ought to be convenient and affordable, so consumers can easily incorporate them into their daily routine. Alongside the ‘healthy halo’ enjoyed by ingredients of natural origin, brands can continue to penetrate the market even in these challenging conditions.

Why sea salt soap benefits deliver on evolving consumer demands

For inspiration on how to develop products that meet these complex demands, brands should look to the sea. Ancient Greeks and Romans prized the properties of seawater and sea salt for its health benefits, which include soothing the senses and healing the skin.

Contemporary BPC products like sea salt soap benefits several aspects of health and personal care, from exfoliation to stress reduction. Moreover, the accessibility of this active ingredient makes it an ideal addition to affordable bath and shower products.

Primarily, the main sea salt benefits that are known today include:

  • Their antiseptic effects. The grains clear pores and draw out impurities by absorbing excess oil, with a pleasant, gently exfoliating effect
  • However, this isn’t to say sea salt products are astringent – they’re also a natural humectant, which draws moisture into the skin without leaving a greasy feel.
  • Furthermore, the ancients also used warm seawater as a stress-relieving therapy. Today, it’s been shown sea salt soap benefits sleep quality and relaxes the muscles. 

Benefits of sea salt soap: combining the healing properties of the ocean 

Sea salt incorporates the healing powers of the ocean and marine algae into the skin, and makes from this ingredient a great active that soothes the skin and boosts circulation, creating a glowing, smooth, and healthy complexion. Inspired by the medicinal properties of the ocean – Provital’s Polyplant Marine Seaweeds is ideal for bath and shower products that de-stress, heal, and rejuvenate in one convenient step.

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