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Discover the hair strengthening formula that embraces adaptogenic beauty

In the current context, consumers are looking to the beauty market in search of holistic wellbeing and self-care formulas to relieve stress symptoms that originated from the coronavirus crisis, with hair strength products among them. Following these demands, beauty and personal brands can respond by presenting adaptogenic beauty solutions, a trend that is poised to take off as both companies and consumers understand its potential. 

Find out more about the new consumer focus on wellbeing and how to address it through an innovative, plant-based formula for hair strength that embraces adaptogenic beauty.

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The new focus on holistic wellbeing

Both 2020 and 2021 have been tough years for mental health, with psychological stress having become an issue on a global scale. 

In fact, the percentage of adults who reported stress, anxiety, or great sadness since the COVID-19 outbreak started as of 2020​: 35% of people living in the US reported such feelings, followed by the UK (30%), Canada (30%), France (25%) and many other countries around the world, according to figures published on Statista.

As the coronavirus crisis and its effects unfolded around the world, holistic wellbeing has been taken up by an increasing number of consumers. This global trend seeks to recover normality by embracing several self-care routines that understand the link between the mind and body and try to keep a balance.

The truth is personal care after the pandemic has a new meaning. For instance, when asked about holistic wellbeing, a majority of consumers report their priority is mental wellbeing, as reported by Euromonitor 2020. 

This new angle around wellbeing and personal care has opened the door to new opportunities and trends in the BPC market. Here’s where the adaptogenic beauty trend has beenrising as a potent tool for psychological stress relief.

Adaptogens are a group of botanical substances that are capable of surviving under extreme conditions, as parts of their organism are able to counteract the effects caused by external aggressions. When these organisms need to adapt to new conditions, they trigger minimal changes in their physiological functions through a wide range of physical, chemical and biological actions, to achieve optimal physical performance.

Put to work in the beauty and personal care market, adaptogens have been discovered to help the body restore balance and cope with physical or mental stress in many ways, as well as providing other great benefits such as increased hair strength. 

All these benefits thus present the potential to appeal to stressed-out consumers, and brands have begun to see the potential: global launches of adaptogenic botanical extracts in the BPC market have significantly increased in the period between 2007 and 2019, led by an almost 15% increase in the use of both ocimum and rhodiola rosea root extract.

These products adjust to new consumer ideas around holistic wellness, understanding mind-body as an ecosystem and providing benefits for both. For instance, a hair oil formula that targets hair strength and hair wellness through oils that also help relieve migraines and stress and enhance sleep.​

Rhodiola complex: hair strength with a holistic approach

Hair strength can be defined as the loss of hair structure that makes it more susceptible to rupture and produces a progressive degeneration from root to tip, causing split ends. Among other factors, stress can have a huge impact on hair strength, thus turning nowadays consumers into finding new, holistic formulas for these needs. 

It’s in this context that, at Provital, we’ve developed the Rhodiola complex, an ingredientthat aims to improve hair strength and elasticity​ based on an adaptogenic ingredient, the Rhodiola rosea

This plant acts as an antioxidant due to its high content in tyrosol, organic acids and flavonoids. Used in hair strength formulas, it helps fight aggressions that damage the hair fiber. 

Efficacy studies have proved our Rhodiola complex to improve hair strength properties such as breaking force, while increasing elasticity and presenting significant anti-frizz efficacy.

Incorporated into the self-care angle, it can provide emotional connection narratives for brands, while its sequential release via Provital’s exclusive 3D Matrix guarantees a lasting efficacy.

The ingredient, which is paraben-free, also presents a number of natural and organic certifications, embracing vegan, halal, and other international standards such as ISO 16128-Natural Origin (%) 99.7%. 
Rhodiola complex can thus be perceived as safe, and trust is gained through the ingredients’ transparency.

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