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Strengthening hair: discover an innovative, seaweed-based solution

The growing interest in effective solutions that target strengthening hair reflects the importance people place on their appearance, health, and the role it plays in their self-image and confidence. 

However, the context today has brought a new perspective for strengthening hair solutions: one that prioritizes resilience and prevention rather than issue correction. As such, consumers today value formulas that help them take care of their hair from a preventative approach, acting and protecting their hair as part of an understanding of self-care as a holistic process that starts within.

At the same time, recent  shifts in consumer preferences have meant that successful formulas must also acknowledge the prioritization of natural ingredients. This intersects with the preference for healthy and well-known ingredients that are also reliable and present a long-term approach.

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As such, brands and manufacturers continue to innovate to meet this demand and provide consumers with products that deliver on their promises.

In such a context, a new frontier opens up for active ingredients that target strengthening hair while meeting these adjacent demands. A seaweed from the Northern seas and a narrative universe inspired by a legendary creature and deity might hold the answer.

How do you strengthen hair naturally? The key strategies

1. Protein intake and a balanced diet

Health-conscious consumers have long recognized the importance of a balanced diet in wellbeing in general and beauty in particular. 

As such, strategies for strengthening hair must necessarily involve a balanced diet rich in vitamins and minerals essential for hair health, including vitamin A, B-complex vitamins (especially biotin and niacin), vitamin C, vitamin E, zinc, iron, and protein.

Protein intake is particularly important in this respect, as hair is primarily composed of a protein called keratin. 

2. Scalp health

Scalp health trends have also been trending, in particular for consumers looking for strengthening hair. Specific hair care routines can go a long way in promoting scalp health, such as washing your hair regularly, but not excessively, and avoiding hot water. At the same time, the promotion of gentle, sulfate-free hair care products is key, which explains the preference for natural or botanical ingredients.

3. Deep moisturizing

Deep conditioning hair masks or natural oils like coconut oil, argan oil, or olive oil can moisturize hair and thus promote strengthening hair. 

Densinaria™: the natural, protein-filled ingredient for strengthening hair

It’s precisely in the context of consumers looking for strengthening hair formulas that the new active ingredient Densinaria™ stands out. Inspired by a story of resilience and strength of the Deity of the Seas, the ingredient is extracted from the Palmaria palmata seaweed, which grows along the Northern coasts of the Atlantic and Pacific oceans, thus offering the opportunity for an innovative, narrative-rich formulation that evokes the strength to ride out a sea storm.

The ingredient builds from the legend of the Deity of the Seas, a goddess from the Northern oceans that helps sailors brave a storm by providing them with a strand of her strong, vigorous hair. In the current context, where resilience to overcome difficulties is a crucial part of the spirit of the times, this narrative weaves into Densinaria™ to communicate the ingredient’s unique capacities for strengthening hair.

Densinaria™ targets hair volume and strengthening hair, addressing hair fiber resistance and split ends prevention thanks to its origin in a well-known seaweed revered for centuries for its nutritional value and now proposed for the first time for hair care.

The ingredient promotes strengthening hair from a restorative perspective that targets cortex to cuticle, repairing hair from the inside out. It thus presents a similar action to keratin, effectively representing a vegan choice to keratin treatments. 

It has additionally been enhanced with arginine, a key amino acid for hair health as 90% that is able to penetrate both the cuticle and the cortex of the hair fiber, and has a strong affinity towards hair.

The result involves split-end and hair breakage prevention, with ex vivo testing showing: 

  • Appearance of split ends is more than halved, compared to placebo
  • Resistance to breakage more than tripled
  • Hair fiber diameter increased by 25%

Additionally, the ingredient has been obtained through an innovative enzymatic extraction process exclusively developed by Provital. This means a bigger quantity of reconstructive biomolecules (such as proteins and peptides) can be obtained from the same quantity of raw material. This results in optimizing yield while minimizing the environmental impact of the active ingredient and the ensuing resource extraction. Densinaria™ is also COSMOS-Approved, Halal certified, and 100% Natural in Origin in accordance with ISO 16128 standards, embracing the growing demand from certified natural products.

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