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Optimising double cleansing with emulsion skincare

The best way to have a healthy, happy and pretty skin is following a good skincare routine. Before applying any of the products that will make your face glowing, you have to cleanse your skin. Dust and pollution that accumulate all day long have to be removed from your face, and only after cleansing can your skin be properly nourished. This is where Korean skincare products come to light.

K-Beauty – ‘Inventor’ of the double cleansing routine

So far everybody has heard of the popularity of Korean beauty products and Korean skincare. There is a famous 10 step Korean emulsion skincare routine which uses cleansing oils to prepare skin for further treatment. In the 10 step routine Koreans use the double cleansing method – first oil cleansers remove the liposoluble dirt, and then the second cleanser removes the hydrosoluble dirt.

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Korean beauty routines focus on emulsion skincare, primarily cleansing balms and oils. It’s a part of the double cleansing process which dissolves oils and removes makeup from the face. Only clean skin can properly absorb products such as moisturizers, serum or masks, and that’s why facial cleansing is the first and the most crucial step in skincare routine.

Koreans are highly advanced and innovative in the cosmetic industry. Their companies have modified cleansing oils and balms into the gentlest possible cleansing solutions for face in the worldwide market. Emulsion skincare of the K-Beauty products helps you to achieve an even-toned complexion that looks radiant from within.

However, as much as the Korean cleansing method is great thanks to the combination of oil-based cleansers and water-based ones, it has one big problem – the amount of steps it requires makes it quite impractical. But what if you could reap all the benefits in considerably less time?

Oil to foam cleansing fun: Formula for a great emulsion skincare

Double cleanse method shortens the time spent on your skincare routine, and this is now more important than ever. Due to the pandemic and new skin issues caused by facemasks (irritation, especially for sensitive skin and ‘maskne’), women spend as much as 50% more time and, consequently, beauty products on their routine, skincare being, of course, a major part of that. The one-and-done formulas like this oil to foam cleanser greatly simplifies things. Thanks to its emulsified oil, this oil formula transforms into a creamy foam when activated with water. In just one step, you will enjoy a spa-like experience.

The double cleansing effect that is so important in Asian beauty routine has been combined in this one product and its mission is to remove water soluble and oil soluble elements for a perfectly clean skin. In addition, it contains Affipore and Melavoid, first one to reduce the size of the pores and the second one to lighten the skin tone.

Avocado, jojoba, grape seed, argan, coconut oils – they’re all in this product to help leave the skin in a perfect condition for the next step of your treatment after having removed all the impurities.

This oily formula is not only perfect for normal or dry skins, but also for oily ones. And that’s because of the fact that oil attracts oil. Therefore, cleansing oils can effectively gather up all the oil and dirt on your face and so this makes it easier to wash them off. Cleansing oils can be used alone as the main cleanser, if that’s what works for you, but they’re mostly used for double cleansing. In that case, you use a cleansing oil first to remove all the dirt, and then wash them off with a regular foam cleanser. This oil to foam formula is an emulsion skincare that combines these two products in one by changing textures.

The cosmetic industry has evolved and started to create more simplified, yet more successful products on demand of their customers. They literally pushed the industry to create products that are healthy, natural, gentle and easy to handle.

Let us inspire you to make skincare routines easier and successfully accomplish the demanded glowing complexion with this new formula.

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