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The emergence of deep cleansing facial natural products

Deep cleansing facial trends haven’t emerged in a vacuum. Contemporary life and its requirements (from pollution to UV radiation and new issues caused by mask-wearing during the pandemic) have put a new focus on deep cleansing treatments.

On the other hand, other beauty and cosmetic trends also present an influence on deep cleansing facial: the unstoppable preferences for natural cosmetic ingredients and growing interest in “the science” behind skin treatments have made an impact on deep cleansing claims too. 

In such a context, what does the emergence of deep cleansing facial treatments mean today and how can brands align with what contemporary consumers are demanding? From our experience in the development of natural cosmetic ingredients, here’s Provital look at current deep cleansing trends.

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What is a deep cleansing facial and why is it emerging

A deep cleansing facial treatment combines a series of steps and treatments to generate skin cleansing at a profound level. 

Exfoliation, steam baths, facial massages, face masks and hydration treatments are often among these multi-steps for deep cleansing facial, along with proper cleansing actions. The result is a firmer and healthier skin where dead cells are removed and a deep hydration and care is applied to the skin.

Today, a deep cleansing facial is considered an essential treatment in comprehensive beauty routines that provides help with the following essential actions:

  • Remove pollutants
  • Maintaining moisture levels
  • Supporting the skin’s natural protective barrier
  • Push the efficacy of other treatments further, as it provides a totally clean skin
  • Helps avoiding imbalances in skin’s microflora or sebum production 

The reasons behind current trends focusing on deep cleansing facials are multiple. 

However, if one main reason is to be found, it can be said that it responds to current interest and growing knowledge revolving around how skin must be treated in order to maintain its health. Other trends such as nutricosmetics can also be inscribed in this bigger framework.

Deep cleansing facial, the natural way

Constantly on the look for new opportunities to align cosmetic brands and their clients, at Provital we’ve detected a series of new breeds of consumers demanding natural products. 

However, whatever the particular preferences for each consumer profile, one unifying tag can be applied to all of them: they’re savvy skincare consumers and express a determined predilection to use natural ingredients.

It’s these consumers who are pushing the natural skin care products market size. While it was valued at USD 6.7 billion in 2021, the continued and growing interest in natural ingredients means these figures are expected to expand. An anticipated compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of 6.6% from 2022 to 2030 has, in fact, been announced by Grand View Research. 

These figures have done nothing but push brands’ imaginations towards new frontiers. New plant-based treatments are being investigated constantly: from black rose extracts for oily skin to the renewed interest in ginseng in skin care applications and its consideration as a “hero ingredient”.

When it comes to developing a successful deep cleansing facial formula today, the preference for natural ingredients should not be ignored. Responding to this requirement, at Provital we’ve developed a series of extracts that may inspire brands to create their own natural-based deep cleansing facial. 

For instance, we suggest the powerful soothing and moisturizing properties of our Centella Asiatica extract, a natural herb packed with antioxidants that provide skin cleansing that can be further supported by the use of activated charcoal. 

This extract is especially interesting considering the potential dehydrating risks of deep cleansing facials when performed the wrong way: this extract guarantees a gentle, deeply hydrating experience that both purifies and cares for skin, using natural products.

At the same time, we suggest double cleansing routines inspired by successful Korean beauty routines. In this case, it’s an oil to foam cleanser formula that includes avocado, jojoba, grape seed, argan and coconut oils to guarantee a safe but efficient deep cleansing facial effect. Thanks to these extracts, Provital stays on the pulse of emerging cosmetic trends, providing what current consumers demand and thus aligning brands with relevant, enduring market tendencies.

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