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Meet the new breeds of consumers that want natural actives

As the pandemic continues, its effects are set to be felt well into the new year. From the impact on the global economy to its psychological implications, it is precipitating a substantial shift in lifestyles. This, naturally, translates to a shift in consumer behavior, in the beauty industry as much as any. In turn, this is creating new breeds of beauty consumers, who primarily, are looking for natural actives backed by science.

This is because the pandemic has made consumers more aware of the potential impact of other crises, such as climate change. In addition, COVID-19 has brought new attention to science. Today, health, both mental and physical, and nature and sustainability combine to form new consumer demands.

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In response, brands have to rethink their strategies to cater to these new, more evolved consumers. Here, we introduce the key consumer profiles: the Skinimalist, the Refillutionaries, and the Super Basics.

The Skinimalist

These savvy skincare consumers are looking to streamline their beauty routines in the name of sustainability. They want to maximize efficacy and efficiency, gaining the most satisfaction from skin multitaskers that reduce waste and combat over consumption.

These consumers used the turmoil of the pandemic to reset their beauty priorities and regimes, rejecting multi-step routines and complicated ingredients in favor of natural actives and evidence-based formulas. The Skinimalist values results, looking beyond the price tag to seek out new skin-tech solutions.  

The Refillutionaries

In the coming year these empowered change-makers will lead a beauty revolution – or ‘refillution’ if you will. They’ll be pushing for more sustainable consumption, galvanised by the tumultuous start to the decade. They believe in positive action, taking meaningful steps to benefit people and the planet through their consumption habits. 

They’ll seek to reuse and refill wherever they can: they’ll embrace refillable models that will go as far as doing milkman-style deliver-to-your door refill services. Reusable tools are central to their ethos too, favoring washable sponge and cotton pads over throw-away alternatives. Equally, they’ll be just as concerned about a brand’s ethical credentials as their eco-efforts, choosing businesses that support and represent communities, artisans, and farmers.

The Super Basics

The Super Basics are translating the normcore fashion trend into the beauty world. They prioritize simplicity and frugality, choosing ‘no frills’ products over glamorized campaigns. With an emphasis on personal care and hygiene, they favor dermatologist-backed products and natural actives.

They’re also part of a strong movement towards a more inclusive beauty industry. They make no distinction between face and body and see no need for gender-specific products; instead, they look for affordability and quality, formulated for everyone and everything.

Provital’s new natural actives

Provital is always on the pulse of emerging beauty trends. That’s why we’ve released a range of new natural actives that respond directly to the demands of these new beauty tribes. From upcycled ingredients like PomarageTM and HydrafenceTM, both created in synergy with farms, to incredible do-it-all products like EthicskinTM, we’re moving with the times when it comes to active ingredients. Explore Provital’s new releases and be inspired.

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