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Opportunities in prenatal and postpartum skin care

Pregnancy and childbirth put your skin under strain, so it’s a time when it needs extra special care. However, there is a substantial gap in the market when it comes to prenatal and postpartum skin care. Currently, 61% of mothers with children aged between 0–4 years old agree that there should be more mother-and-baby personal care ranges (Lightspeed/Mintel). Therefore, the maternal cosmetic category presents a substantial opportunity for the industry, with plenty of space for innovation. By providing moms and moms-to-be with a range of nourishing, restorative and time-saving products, beauty manufacturers can expand a lucrative market.

How pregnancy affects the skin

Pregnancy is a challenging time for the skin – and although some women will experience the ‘pregnancy glow’ of clearer more radiant skin, they may have issues elsewhere. For instance, hormonal changes can affect skin pigmentation, a common example being a dark line appearing from the navel to the pubic bone. Equally, many women develop stretch marks during their second or third trimester. Other women may experience varicose veins or adult acne associated with hormonal changes. Most women want to do everything they can to avoid permanent damage to their skin during pregnancy, making products that improve texture, even pigmentation and reduce the appearance of stretch marks very popular. 

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Trends towards mother-and-baby pampering products

Aside from the clear demand for more mother-and-baby skin care products, there are also other cultural shifts that inflating the segment. Alongside baby showers, baby books and religious naming ceremonies of all kinds, another baby-led tradition is starting to permeate the UK: the babymoon. This new trend is a final holiday and short break that moms take before the baby is born. With 49% of mothers agreeing that pregnancy is an opportunity for women to pamper themselves before childbirth, it is no surprise that hotels and spas already offer mom-to-be treatment packages.

However, the beauty and spa industry could certainly do more to take advantage of this growing trend. For instance, spas could stand to further capitalize on the babymoon trend by developing their own ranges of prenatal and postpartum skin care products. Through partnerships with luxury skin care brands, spas and hotels can meet consumer demand and upsell to spa visitors. By encouraging women to purchase accompanying mother-and-baby personal care products at the spa, they can extend their influence beyond their four walls and encourage follow up purchases.

Prenatal and postpartum skin care from Provital

Provital place safe, natural products at the center of our mission. These gentle, clean active ingredients are perfect for products in the prenatal and postpartum beauty segment, providing natural solutions for common concerns like stretch marks. For instance, our sensorial oils calm and protect the skin; formulas including chamomile and aloe vera calm and protect, while formulas with olive oil moisturize and stimulate tissue regeneration. 

With plant-based and botanical ingredients, beauty manufacturers and spa brands can communicate a message of health, care, and well-being to moms and moms-to-be. With nourishing, natural Provital ingredients beauty brands can begin to meet the demand for mother-and-baby skin care with effective, safe active ingredients.

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