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Eyes are the new focal point, so follicle booster for lashes and brows is in demand

The pandemic has impacted every aspect of our lives – and it’s beginning to impact our beauty ideals. Regular masking usage means that the lower part of our faces is concealed, shifting attention to the eyes. Eye makeup and treatments are the new ‘lipstick effect’, where women are looking to highlight and accentuate their upper facial features. Subsequently, the BPC sector can expect to see a rise in the sales of mascara, eyeshadows, lashes and brows follicle booster or eye drops.

However, this focus on eye beauty isn’t only as a result of COVID-19. For younger consumers particularly, there is an emphasis on eyes. Amongst consumers aged between 16-24, the sales of false eyelashes have seen a 12% jump in the last year alone; equally, the purchase of brow definer has jumped by 10% in the same demographic (Mintel, 2020). Dramatic eyes and brows have been trending for a while, so the current circumstances allow for even deeper market penetration – which we’ll look at in more detail here.

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Eyes and brows are trending

Even before mask usage brought new attention to the eyes and brows, accentuating these facial features was a hot trend. We’ve already mentioned the explosion of the false eyelash and brow grooming market; and now, numerous new product launches carry claims like ‘XL brows’ or ‘brow filler’. This taps into the trend for full, dark brows led by celebrities like singer Dua Lipa and model Cara Delanvigne. 

And it doesn’t stop at color cosmetics; the focus on eyes is such that follicle booster eye treatments are becoming increasingly popular. In 2018, researchers noted that eyelash and eyebrow treatments enjoyed remarkable growth, up by 32% and 24%, respectively (Nielsen, 2018), despite declines in other cosmetic markets. This is accompanied by an uptick in NPD for brow styling products, such as micro-blading pens or brow stylers. 

This isn’t exclusively a Western or Gen Z trend; globally, full and thick lashes and brows are considered desirable. In Middle Eastern markets, groomed, defined eyebrows have been viewed as desirable for decades, and as Western trends begin to blend with local ideals, this already lucrative segment is set to grow.

Maintaining lash and brow health

Naturally, this trend has led to increased interest in lash and brow health and maintenance. As we age, the strength of follicles degrades, leading to hair loss. The integrity of follicles can also be undermined by harsh makeup removal products, excessive waxing or threading, or allergic reactions to mascara. On the clinical end of the spectrum, eyelash or eyebrow loss can be caused by dermatitis, thyroid malfunction, or chemotherapy. Equally, stress is a culprit. 

Considering the range of possible causes, the reduction in the fullness or length of lashes and brows is an issue that affects many consumers. Beauty experts often recommend simple approaches to lash and brow health; these include gentle, regular makeup removal and avoiding rubbing. However, for those with more sustained lash or brow hair loss, there are solutions. 

On both lashes and brows, follicle booster products use active ingredients to heal and stimulate the follicles, encouraging reparation and growth. Inactive or metabolically depressed follicles are a significant factor in hair loss, thus this stimulating effect maintains growth and vitality. Beyond stimulation, these products care via a three-pronged approach: the formula moisturizes, to enhance flexibility and resistance. It nourishes, to guard against breakage and volumize. Finally, they build biotin and keratin to protect from future damage.

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Pronalen Fibro-Actif: A powerful follicle booster    

Pronalen is an active ingredient that delivers this vital follicle stimulation. Provital’s version of this active, PRONALEN FIBRO-ACTIF, has been shown to stimulate the follicle by increasing the cell oxidative metabolism. This triggers an increase in the synthesis of adenosine triphosphate (ATP), which provides the energy necessary for hair growth, development, and maintenance. In in vitro trials, PRONALEN FIBRO-ACTIF was shown to activate the metabolism in the hair follicles, exhibiting hair-growing effects.

Certainly, this active ingredient is an exciting proposition for products that seek to stimulate lash and brow growth and health, an existing and growing consumer concern. Plus, the PRONALEN FIBRO-ACTIF is derived from wheat and soy germ. This meets market demands for natural, gentle beauty solutions head-on – which is particularly key when applying product to the delicate eye area.     

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