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Why oats are like glycerin for hair

Glycerin for hair is a key trend at the moment, plus, consumers are looking to inject simplicity into their beauty routines. This is why hero ingredients are trending. People want to slim down their routines in regards to both products and ingredients, turning to simple, natural solutions. They want a catch-all ingredient for everyone, everything, and always

Simplicity has been a key concern since COVID-19, from both a safety and sustainability perspective. However, this was also the case before: according to a 2016 survey conducted by GlobalData, consumers perceived products created with natural, easily recognizable ingredients as more trustworthy or “safe”. This has given rise to the “foodie beauty” trend, which cultivates a tacit link between healthy food and healthy beauty. Considering the concerns of the post-pandemic consumer, this is set to keep growing.

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One such example of a superfood hero ingredient is oats. Packed with nutrients and moisturizing compounds, oats have long been used as a traditional remedy for skin irritation and dryness. Now, these benefits have been translated into haircare. Oats are set to be especially sought-after – particularly due to their carbohydrates and protein content. Considering the demand for simple, natural beauty, they could be a compelling alternative to glycerin for hair.

Benefits of vegetable glycerin for hair

Glycerin, or glycerol, is a simple polyol compound generally derived from vegetable oils or animal fats. It is also one of the most effective humectants, and as such, it draws in moisture to the skin, hair and scalp. Additionally, it also creates a protective barrier to lock in moisture in the skin and hair follicles. 

Glycerin’s ability to attract and maintain moisture makes it extremely beneficial to scalp health – and, after all, healthy hair starts at the scalp, making scalp health paramount in haircare. Proper hydration of the scalp can manage and prevent a host of issues associated with both dry and oily skin types, including dandruff and oil overproduction while leaving the hair soft and shiny. 

However, glycerin isn’t an ingredient that consumers easily recognize. Despite the benefits, current trends suggest they might find more familiar ingredients more attractive. So how can brands harness the benefits of glycerin from a foodie beauty angle?    

Oats as a multi-functional hero ingredient

Fascinatingly, oats have similar humectant properties. Furthermore, oats contain saponins, which are plant glycosides. This compound doesn’t only have moisturizing benefits; in many plant species, they aid resistance to fungal attack. Thus, oat extract is useful for products with purifying or antiseptic activity – a particularly relevant demand after COVID-19. 

The benefits of oats don’t stop there. Their nutritional profile is impressive – and that’s why they tap into the foodie beauty trend so effectively. For instance, oats are packed with polymer chains with hydrophilic groups (hydroxyl, carboxyl and amine groups). These compounds easily bind water molecules, which keep hair smooth, shiny, and moisturized. With these broad-spectrum benefits, oats are a prime example of a hero ingredient. 

Safe, sustainable, simple

Provital’s Oat Extract responds directly to the demand for safe, natural hero ingredients, while tapping into the glycerin for hair trend. With multifunctional action including rich moisturization, antibacterial activity, and antioxidant properties, Oat Extract is a catch-all component for simple, natural hair care routines.  
Plus, Oat Extract is 99.5% natural in origin, COSMOS Approved and with full vegan compliance. This assures consumers that the product is natural, nutritious, and caring. With these sustainable credentials, consumers can feel as good as they look – providing an overall wellness experience.

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