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Use hydrolyzed oats for richer multipurpose hydration

As  consumer concern for sustainability grows, they’re showing an increasing preference for less-is-more products. From slimmed-down packaging to multifunctional ingredients, conscious consumers want beauty routines that are minimal but effective. This is why the moisturizing power of hydrolyzed oats is gaining so much attention. 

But what are hydrolyzed oats? The difference between this ingredient and regular oat extract is that it binds water more easily. This is because the process that creates hydrolyzed oats, protein hydrolysis, generates more hydrophilic groups that increases water retention under high relative humidity conditions. The more hydrolyzed the protein, the higher the water-retention. 

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With benefits for skin and hair, the ingredient has incredible potential for brands looking to break the minimal beauty market.

Why should scalp care go beyond hair care

In tandem with the multipurpose beauty movement, we’re seeing the “skinification of hair”. This is an approach to hair care in which people treat their scalp with the same care as their face, using formulas infused with ingredients that are well-known in the facial skincare category. 

To tap into this trend, market research giant Mintel recommends that hair care brands talk about the scalp as an extension of facial skin. According to their recent study, a remarkable 94% of Chinese haircare users say haircare is as important as skincare is to them, while 93% say scalp care could improve hair condition (Mintel, 2022).

This is why hydrolyzed oats offer so much potential. Consumers are already familiar with oats as a soothing, moisturizing ingredient in skincare, so these benefits could be easily marketed to consumers embracing the “skinification” of hair care.

The broad spectrum benefits of hydrolyzed oats

Hydrolyzed oats are especially rich in proteins. The proteins in oat kernels include a globulin, glutelin, myosin, free amino acids and a number of enzymes. These low and high molecular weight proteins offer moisturization for deep skin layers and the skin surface, as well as being good firming and soothing agents.   

This action can also be applied to hair care. Low molecular weight proteins can penetrate to the hair shaft cortex, to repair, strengthen and protect it from within. High molecular weight proteins, meanwhile, are good hair smoothing and protecting agents, because of their ability to coat the hair-shaft surface (Hütter, I., 2003).

These same proteins also protect the hair fiber from environmental damage. Proteins protect the hair shaft from external aggressors, repair and condition it, increase elasticity and reduce the risk of breakage. Subsequently, hydrolyzed oats are an ideal multipurpose ingredient, protecting and moisturizing skin, scalp, and hair.

Clean, clear, and simple

The multipurpose beauty trend is all about simple, clean, sustainable solutions. Consumers want to slim down their beauty routine and save them time, money, and the environment, without compromising on care. This is the heart of the multipurpose, minimal beauty trend.

Hydrolyzed oats offer just that. Easily recognizable due to their popularity in the eat clean trend, these benefits are easily transposed onto skin and hair care in the eyes of the consumer. And, with Provital’s Hydrolyzed Oat Extract, brands can deliver on these associations with an ingredient that is 99.5% of natural origin.

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