Disseminando a Beleza Limpa

O ingrediente energizante para suavizar as imperfeições da pele

The coronavirus pandemic moved many activities that were normally carried out indoors outside. Dining, working, and socializing have become an outdoor oasis; a place where people can de-stress from the emotional pressure. Of course, received wisdom is that fresh air isn’t just good for mental health, it can improve physical health too. Clean air can enhance energy, alleviate skin imperfections, and improve overall well-being.

The beauty industry should pay attention to the outdoor oasis Zeitgeist. Product storytelling should focus on consumers’ key concerns in a post-pandemic moment – namely fatigue and stress – and create products that tap into the energizing power of the great outdoors. Provital’s proposal is EnergenTM.

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The link between fatigue and skin imperfections

Hectic lifestyles are the hallmark of modern times. People find it difficult to juggle personal and professional lives, and the result is stress and fatigue. The pandemic has compounded this tendency and many are experiencing the physical manifestations of fatigue. 

The skin is a key site for these manifestations, where skin imperfections appear as the consequence of a lack of energy. These imperfections appear due to impaired cell functionality, which requires energy to regenerate. Therefore, the skin also needs an extra energy supply to withstand the demands of modern life. Men, particularly, experience these symptoms as historically, they’ve been less interested in skincare routines.

Most of the skin’s cellular processes consume energy stored as adenosine triphosphate (ATP), with the synthesis of new molecules being the most energy-demanding process. In states of tiredness, skin cells find it difficult to maintain the necessary ATP reserves, either because ATP is not produced in the normal quantities or because it is consumed at higher-than-normal rates. 

This situation affects cell functionality; fibroblast synthesis of extracellular matrix components (collagen, elastin, glycosaminoglycans) is impaired. Reduced keratinocyte metabolism affects the barrier function and epidermal hydration, as well as cellular turnover. The result is a dehydrated, dull surface with skin imperfections.

The energizing power of nature

EnergenTM was developed to harness the energizing power of nature to reduce skin imperfections caused by fatigue. This active ingredient is an innovative three-dimensional hydrocolloidal matrix composed of galactomannans obtained from Caesalpinia spinosa (Mol.) O.Kuntze seeds, which sequentially release saponosides into the skin extracted from Sapindus mukorossi Gaertn fruits.

This action stimulates the production of cellular energy reserves in cell organelles called mitochondria, which metabolize nutrients, mainly glucose, into smaller molecules. To harness the energy generated by this process, an electron transport chain associated with an ATP synthase enzyme is coupled to produce ATP molecules. The energy is thus stored in the bonds of ATP molecules, which act as the energy currency for the cell.

Proven energizing and smoothing effect

The result is brighter, moisturized, tonified, and energized skin. These benefits were demonstrated on in vivo testing on two groups of male volunteers who showed signs of tired skin. One group used a formulation containing EnergenTM while the other used a placebo. Volunteers applied the products twice a day, for 28 days. Analysis showed global skin relief of 13.9% for the group applying EnergenTM, compared to 1.9% for the control group.

This is a particularly exciting proposition for the growing men’s grooming market. Whereas previously men were less invested in skincare routines, demand has skyrocketed. According to CJ Olive Young’s 2020 survey of 500 male customers aged 20-39, 74% said they have a high level of interest in personal grooming – a substantial growth from previous years.

With claims like ‘energy’ and ‘regeneration’, this ingredient has particular storytelling potential for the male grooming market. Plus, EnergenTM’s natural composition gives brands the opportunity to tap into the desire to escape to nature. Combined with the action on consumers’ key post-pandemic demands, brands can seek to create a storytelling concept that employs the rejuvenating power of nature – with scientifically proven results.

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