Spreading Clean Beauty

Clean opportunities in male grooming, from green body gel to botanical beard oil

Globally, NPD in the overall men’s grooming market has remained steady at 4% in the year up to June 2020 (Mintel, 2020). However, there has been space for growth for a while now, and the COVID-19 pandemic is set to emphasize this further. In particular, the clean beauty concept can more fully penetrate the men’s grooming space, aligning with an increased focus on safety and trust in the scientific community. Currently, 74% of Chinese men perceive clean beauty products as safer than their regular counterparts, whether it’s shaving foam, moisturizer, or body gel (Mintel, 2020). However, the clean grooming segment remains niche.

Clean beauty is but one aspect of a broader ethical beauty movement, which presents fresh opportunities for the male grooming sector. For instance, greater acceptance of free gender expression means there is space for BPC brands to develop genderless cosmetics. Considering that 64% of Generation Z don’t think that beauty/grooming products should be classified by gender (Lightspeed/Mintel, 2020), genderless options are key to appealing to younger consumers. Here, we consider how brands can leverage the evolving clean beauty movement in the male grooming space.

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New grooming concerns after the pandemic

There are certain things that have always been true of the male grooming market. Generally speaking, men look for versatile, easy-to-use products that act fast. Usually, men like to confine their grooming routines to just a couple of steps, ensuring that they’re ready and out the door in just a few minutes. Body odor concerns have always been prevalent, with deodorants and antiperspirants accounting for 41% of BPC products aimed at men (Mintel, 2020).

In the wake of COVID-19, these key grooming concerns are going to be even more pronounced. As the economic pressures of the pandemic come to the fore, consumers are likely to be shopping only for the essentials. They want these products to be multi-functional and efficient, with an emphasis on hygienic, touchless formats like moisturizing sprays. Equally, we can expect to see an uptick in anti-bacterial claims, which have seen a 7% rise in men’s deodorant products in the past year alone (Mintel, 2020).

The growth of green and clean in grooming

Equally, the pandemic is heightening the influence of the clean beauty movement. The COVID-19 crisis has spurred the eco message as the dramatic fall in pollution demonstrated the material effect of consumer action. Alongside the increased focus on safety, consumers are more attracted to sustainable beauty and this is extending into the male grooming space. Currently, 21-24% of British male grooming consumers choose products based on their healthy or eco merits (Mintel, 2020). 

This is leading to an increase in NPD of male grooming products mentioning natural extracts, particularly in Europe. Botanicals also have associations with pleasant fragrances and de-stressing qualities, responding to the consumer demand for mood-enhancing products, as well as green alternatives. Brands should consider including green extracts in moisturizers, beard oils, and shaving products, as well as gender-neutral formats like shower and body gel. 

Another intriguing opportunity is green tattoo care, which responds to both the clean beauty movement and the greater emphasis on genderless expressions of creativity and individuality amongst younger consumers. Tattoo care oils and body gel have been gradually cropping up throughout the market, so brands should explore how they can leverage this growing demand.  

Creating a body gel that responds to evolving demand

In response to the growing demand for green and convenient beauty products, Provital developed Hydro MX™. To achieve the richest, most rapid moisturization, dermo-cosmetic scientists identified hydrating molecules of natural origin and combined them with a technological process that enhances efficiency. This creates a novel hydro colloidal three-dimensional matrix of galactomannans (texturizing gum) that creates a ‘flash moisturizing’ effect that lasts. 

This quality makes Hydro MX™ ideal for clean beauty products for men, from body gels to fast-acting facial moisturizer. Considering the evolving demands of the male and gender-neutral BPC consumers after the pandemic, actives like these an intriguing innovation.

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