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Coconut virgin oil for skin: the certain trend in cosmetics

The current acceptance of coconut virgin oil for skin treatments among nature-oriented, savvy consumers comes as no surprise. In fact, all recent trends in cosmetics, including the now established exaltation for botanical beauty, were pointing towards a re-emergence of the well-known benefits of using coconut oil on face and other skin applications.

What are the exact benefits of coconut virgin oil for skin and is this ingredient being incorporated into successful natural skin care cosmetic catalogs? Keep reading to find out.

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What is coconut oil and why it’s beneficial

Coconut oil is a natural oil extracted from either dried coconut kernels or raw coconuts. 

If coconuts are lauded for their rich contents in nutrients and microminerals (in fact, the coconut palm is called Kalpavriksha or “the all-giving tree” in Indian culture), coconut oil is equally praised.

With a firm texture and being highly saturated, coconut oil is rich in several medium-chain fatty acids, the most prominent being lauric acid (49%), followed by others such as myristic acid, caprylic acid and palmitic acid, among others.

Benefits of coconut virgin oil for skin

Its particular composition makes coconut virgin oil for skin an ally for those with sensitive, dry or mature skin. 

Here are the key areas that are benefited by using coconut oil: 

  • Soothing properties. Coconut oil provides help alleviating temporary redness and irritation, providing a calming effect for irritated skin.
  • Intense hydration. Coconut oil being rich in medium-chain fatty acids means dryness is reduced. In fact, coconut oil also helps retain moisture.

These moisturizing capacities are in fact behind the use of coconut virgin oil for hair treatments targeting hygral fatigue.

  • Boosts the skin protective barrier. As more and more is understood about skin health, hydration treatments are designed so that they not only provide moisture, but also help in maintaining the skin’s natural protective barrier.
  • Minimizes wrinkles and improves texture. Coconut oil is rich in antioxidants, which slow down signs of aging in mature skin.
  • Presents antimicrobial and antifungal properties. Its high lauric acid content means coconut oil can thus be used as an aid in several skin conditions caused by infections, acne being among these.

In fact, coconut oil has been shown to provide relief for acne and its related inflammatory conditions.

  • Provides relief in wound healing processes. The use of coconut virgin oil for skin that has been damaged by both wounds and burns produces significant improvements, including enhanced antioxidant and collagen levels, indicators of wound healing.

This is complemented by coconut oil’s antimicrobial properties, further accelerating wound healing.

Trends backing the inclusion of using coconut oil on face products and cosmetic catalogs

As we argued at the beginning of this article, the growth in using coconut oil on face treatments and the increasing presence of this ingredient in cosmetic catalogs is no coincidence, but a much foreseeable trend.

But why is coconut virgin oil for skin applications the key to building a successful cosmetic product today? Because it coalesces with three powerful, proven trends today:

  • Foodie beauty: as reported by Mintel’s Gastronomia, the surge of skin care launches mentioning “food” doesn’t cease to grow. Consumers are enticed by well-known, plant-based products such as coconut oil that are known for their many health benefits. 
  • Robust scientific backing: coconut oil is not only well-known, but its benefits have also  been thoroughly proven and researched for decades. 
  • Ethically sourced: brands that develop successful coconut virgin oil for skin treatments must make sure their ingredients are ethically sourced and follow a strategy of social responsibility in cosmetics. 

In order to help cosmetic companies embrace the power of the certain success of coconut oil in skin applications, at Provital we’ve developed the sustainably-produced coconut oil: a moisturizing, soothing treatment that is 100% ISO 16128-Natural Origin and which complies with vegan, halal and the Cosmos certification.

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