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How to increase hair thickness: Hair wellness today

The search for the right hair thickness maximizer for consumers who are asking how to increase hair thickness can reveal a lot about the hair care industry today. Changing expectations and values in hair care consumers means that, more than ever, they’re seeking out products that will provide convenience and wellness. Jobs and responsibilities are demanding and time-consuming, but that doesn’t mean hair care is not a priority: consumers are turning to products that connect sustainability, efficiency, and functionality. In fact, as a 2019 CGS survey revealed, 47% of consumers are willing to pay more for a product that ensures its sustainability and eco-friendliness. This number is even bigger when it comes to Generation X respondents. The beauty industry is getting the message and experimenting with providing answers to new demands, and the right hair thickness maximizer can be the answer.

What exactly are consumers demanding from a hair thickness maximizer today?

Beauty market trends have dramatically transformed during the last decade. New sensibilities could be summarized as a shift towards sustainable, natural treatments, backed by demand for efficient and practical products. Consumers asking how to increase hair thickness and density are no different. 

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A number of statistics demonstrate this change. On the one hand, in the US, 68% of female millennials say that easy-to-use products are important when selecting beauty and personal care products. On the other hand, purchase decisions are more and more conditioned by a company’s commitment to embracing environmental policies: in 2018, 92% of consumers claimed they trust companies or cosmetic brands that support social or environmental issues, according to a study published by Forbes

On top of this, the wellness movement has gone beyond dietary and exercise routines. This is confirmed by the World Health Organisation’s definition of wellness, which describes it as “a state of complete physical, mental, and social well-being, and not merely the absence of disease.” 

Embraced by millions of consumers around the world, this has turned more and more people to natural treatments, re-branded as “healthy beauty”, and organic food. But this movement has also expanded into hair washing, conditioning and care routines and again brands are experimenting to provide the right answer to this demand: by August 2019, 45% of the top 10 hair care ingredient claims worldwide included some reference to natural ingredients.

This mix between efficiency and social responsibility can be summarized in a sentence: users are demanding companies to include easy-to-recognize, natural and sustainable ingredients in their products, while at the same time expecting easy-to-use, proven formulas that bring them results. 

For some brands, this has meant developing new strategies, such as obtaining vegan cosmetic certificates. For those looking into how to increase hair thickness, it will be thus essential to generate a hair thickness maximizer that can address all these new demands. 

How can brands respond to these demands

There are a number of things that brands can do to adapt to these new consumer demands.

1. Look beyond established claims to convey convenience

For many years, the long-lasting claim has been the key factor in hair care products’ narratives. As millennials enter the market, consumers move towards a more holistic understanding of hair wellness, which can be applied to many types of products: from a hair thickness maximizer to closing hair cuticles. According to a survey published in Statista, 65% of millennials have either bought a product with organic claims or want to buy one. Brands must introduce new benefits that convey convenience and effectiveness.

There are a few strategies that beauty companies could adopt:

  • Stress the versatility of transformative textures.
  • Create all-in-one hybrid stylers/conditioners/treatments to appeal to busy consumers. This can also be appealing for eco-conscious consumers who are demanding to minimize packaging waste. 
  • Develop overnight formulas that fit more easily into people’s busy routines.
  • Highlight the benefits of the product at the end: a multi-profit product will easily meet consumers looking into how to increase hair thickness.

2. Address the challenge of achieving natural hairstyles

Brands are adjusting to new market sensibilities by adopting natural ingredients that work on hair wellness and health. It’s the case of Keranutri™, a hair thickness maximizer for thicker and stronger hair developed from extracts from soy and the Mediterranean carob tree. This natural active ingredient provides an answer to the eco-friendly hair wellness community looking into how to increase hair thickness, as it uses natural proteins, while also catering for those looking for efficient, all-in-one formulas. 

Strict scientific testing has proved Keranutri™ provides the following benefits for both normal and damaged hair: 

  • Increases hair fiber diameter, providing a hair density effect.
  • Boosts hair resistance, strength, and elasticity.
  • Repairs damage caused by mechanical, thermal and chemical processes (such as drying or dyeing).
  • Restores dry and weak hair.
  • Its sustained-release system allows it to remain on the hair fiber for a prolonged action and to achieve maximum efficacy. This is achieved by using an exclusive cationic matrix. 

Thus, Keranutri™ provides the perfect all-in-one, plant-based sustainable ingredient that consumers have been demanding.

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