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Mix, match, and care with the Keep Calm Powder Ampoule

The new breed of conscious consumer doesn’t merely seek to decrease consumption. Instead, they want to know that the product they have selected is a sustainable choice. In a cosmetics context, this is translated as the minimization of water waste, a minimal carbon footprint, and sustainable packaging. The clean beauty movement isn’t only about natural products; it’s also about sustainable formats. This is why powder formulas are really taking off – and why Provital has created the Keep Calm powder ampoule. 

Powder concentrated products are created to mix and match with the user’s regular beauty products to enhance and support their effects. This intensive mono dose is a sustainable alternative to traditional intensive serums or essences, saving water, minimizing packaging, and streamlining beauty routines. Here, we discuss the trend and introduce Provital’s innovative formulation.

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The ampoule craze

The ampoule trend started in Korea and is now sweeping across lucrative Eastern markets and into the West. Ampoules are targeted, intensive treatments with a high concentration of active ingredients designed to target a specific skin concern. Captured in a small glass vial or a sustainable natural capsule, these capsules super-charge your daily skin care routine with a single, accurate dose. 

In K-beauty, skin care is an exact science; every step carefully isolates and targets an individual skin complaint. Ampoules facilitate this exacting approach as they allow the user to fully personalize their routine. By adding a precise dose to a favorite serum or essence, users can adapt their routine to create intensive, just-in-time treatments. As Mintel highlights in their recent study on personalization in beauty, this approach is key to catering to an increasingly discerning consumer.

The Keep Calm Powder Ampoule

Previous ampoule products have been in liquid format, but the powder ampoule offers an exciting new angle to the trend. Solid and powder cosmetics are increasingly in demand as consumers look for sustainable alternatives to liquid formulas. Powder formulas require less waste and energy to manufacture, thus reducing the overall carbon footprint of the product. Furthermore, according to research, powdered products are more effective than their liquid counterparts as powder formulas tend to enhance the stability of active ingredients.

This is precisely the objective of Provital’s Keep Calm Powder Ampoule. This sustainable, effective formula is created especially for sensitive skin, harnessing the soothing power of aloe vera to hydrate and calm. When mixed with an essence, toner, or thermal water, the solubilized actives penetrate deep into the skin to calm and hydrate. The CareMotive Aloe Vera Powder refreshes and re-epithelizes the epidermis, helps to heal and calm stressed or damaged skin. Meanwhile, Tanositol™SPE soothes the skin after UV exposure, while enhancing and prolonging a bronzed look. 

Sustainable, personal, powerful

Provital developed the Keep Calm Powder Ampoule to tap into the consumer demand for sustainable, personalizable, and powerful skin care. This unique formula allows users to target the specific needs of sensitive, reactive skin with a formula that’s clean and natural. Captured in the handy, appealing ampoule format, this out-of-the-box formula responds to consumer demand for sustainable beauty that’s as caring as it is effective.

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A highly concentrated active ingredient ampoule is specific for stressed and sensitive skin. The Aloe Barbadensis dried powder is obtained from the fresh leaves of “Aloe vera L.” with a plant/extract ratio 200/1, making for a very high concentration of active ingredient. Inositol is a moisturizer and a multi-action tanning compound that can intensify and maintain a suntan longer by activating the main melanogenesis pathway. This ampoule is the perfect addition to your after-sun treatments to calm the skin and maintain the suntan. You can add to your facial sunscreen to protect the skin. 


White powder in a capsule.


Open the capsule and get an appropriate amount on your hand and mix in with moisturizer or serum. Apply the mixture and massage onto clean, dry skin.


All skin types.


AInositolTanositol™ SPEProvital2.00
Aloe Barbadensis Leaf Juice PowderAloe Vera Powder C-02Provital5.00
Avena Sativa (Oat) Kernel FlourOat Flour7.00
Distarch PhosphateCorn PO4 PH “B” Agrana Starch2.00
Oryza Sativa (Rice) StarchReisita NaturalAgrana Starch84.00


China and Vegan compliance 

93 % Natural Origin Content

1-2 EWG

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