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The stars provide warmth and comfort with these butters for skincare

Butters for skincare have long been popular in the Afro Caribbean skin and hair care segment. But, as indulgent formulas become all the rage, these textures have gained wider appeal. Ingredients like shea butter richly moisturize and hydrate, with a warming, comforting scent. It’s also rich in vitamins A, E, and F and essential fatty acids, and is also said to promote collagen production.

However, these benefits are well-known. When it comes to marketing butters in skincare, it’s all about the angle. This idea of warmth and comfort is a key element of novel marketing strategies for these time-honored formulas, and in a turbulent context, consumers are looking for comfort.

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An intriguing perspective on consumers’ search for comfort is the resurgence in astrology. Younger generations in particular are looking to the stars to find sense in chaos, and for beauty brands, this offers a unique storytelling opportunity for brands marketing indulgent products.

Astrology as a self-care solution 

There is, in fact, a history of people turning to astrology in times of stress. In 1982, a study by psychologist Graham Tyson found that people read horoscopes in times of stress. The respondents said they used astrology as a coping mechanism “under conditions of high stress”, as it provides some direction or predictability.

Considering the uncertainty of recent years, whether it be the pandemic, political upheaval, or conflict, it’s no wonder astrology is experiencing a renaissance. This is especially the case amongst Generation Z, 62% of whom say they believe in astrology. 

This is perhaps because Gen Z is the most stressed generation and the most likely to say their stress has increased in the last five years. Even before the pandemic, the American Psychological Association found that Gen Z is the most stressed generation and is most likely to say that their stress has increased in the last five years. A post-pandemic survey reported that 35% of Gen Z frequently experience stress.

Butters for skincare, but not as you know them

This stress factor is also perhaps why Gen Z is also spending more on skincare. According to Martech Series marketing insights, Gen Zs are 11% more likely to purchase skincare products than the average consumer. Therefore, tapping into the indulgent skincare market is a key strategy that, combined with an astrological storytelling angle, particularly resonates with the Gen Z state of mind.

Butters for skincare is but one option. Organic body butter is certainly a crowd-pleaser that hits all the right notes, but brands should think about how they can package old favorites in a novel way. For example, inspired by butters for skincare, Provital developed the Fancy Body Candle, an out-of-the-box shea butter formula inspired by the warming, energetic features of the Leo astrological sign.

This energizing, sensorial body candle answers consumers’ need to relax through beauty rituals, connecting corporeal and mental experiences. Its high concentration of body butter favorite shea also adds revitalizing cosmetic properties. Additionally, Provital’s Happy Skin helps increase endorphin levels, enhancing the wellness experience.

Leo is known for its energetic, fiery features, providing light and warmth. Along with shea butter, this creates a comforting product with a twist so brands can tap into these parallel trends.

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