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What is the most effective humectant for hair?

Brittle, frizzy hair is a sign of dehydration. Addressing this issue is a common concern for consumers of all ages and ethnicities, as healthy, hydrated tresses are desirable for hair of all colors and textures. As a result, a humectant for hair is a headline offering for any hair care brand looking to meet this widespread demand. 

Encouraging consumers to adopt a humectation routine is a key way to address this universal pain point. But what is a humectation routine? What does it involve? And what’s the best humectant for hair? Here, we explain, and offer some natural solutions developed by Provital that brands can use to highlight the need for humectation.

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What is a humectation routine?

It doesn’t matter if your hair is straight, wavy, curly, curly or if you are experiencing hair loss, humectation is essential for dry, opaque, split ends, and uncontrolled frizz. A humectation routine aims to ensure the hair is moisturized and supported to produce its own natural oils, to keep the hair shiny, smooth and strong. 

On average, you should perform a hair humectation routine once every ten days as part of your regular hair care ritual. An effective humectant for hair will contain pure vegetable oils to nourish and moisturize the hair fiber. This recovers the shine and hydration of the hair shaft, making sure it stays healthy and strong.

The benefits of regular humectation

  • Fights against dryness and porosity and healthier-looking hair.
  • Enhance shine.
  • Decreased frizz.
  • Control and reduction of friction between the strands.
  • Reduced breakage.
  • Nutrient replacement.
  • Increased softness of the strands.

Choosing the best humectant for hair

Pure vegetable oils are effective humectants, but when a brand is developing humectants for hair, they need to choose the right one. Vegetable oil is a broad term, and could encompass a whole host of natural ingredients each with their own unique properties. Different demographics and concerns will have different preferences, so it’s important to identify your target market’s tendencies.

Provital’s portfolio of natural oils includes a wide range of pure extracts each with their own individual benefits depending on the target market’s needs. For example, long-time beauty favorites like coconut oil and olive oil provide comprehensive hydration and nourishment. Coconut oil provides this rich moisture without weighing the hair down, while olive oil offers enhanced protection for colored hair. 

For brands looking to include an on-trend but uncommon oil, avocado oil is an interesting proposition. Avocado oil offers rich hydration with the delivery of vitamin E directly to the hair cortex. Meanwhile, its antioxidant activity protects from free radicals, making it a good multipurpose ingredient.

Mix natural oils to develop the ultimate humectant

There’s also the possibility to offer a mix of oils. Provital has developed Vitaoils Plus, which blends hair care favorites argan, coconut, macadamia, olive, linseed and sunflower oils to offer a luxurious addition to a humectation routine. With the possibility to also soothe and care for the scalp, this ingredient of 100% natural origin strengthens and cares from root to tip. 

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