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Cellular ageing: the ingredient pushing well-ageing efficacy

In a world where beauty meets cutting-edge science, Provital’s latest breakthrough, Altheostem™, shines as a beacon of innovation in the field of cellular ageing, receiving not just one, but two prestigious awards that recognize its trailblazing impact on the beauty industry. 

This revolutionary ingredient was honoured in March with the Silver Award as Best Active Ingredient in In-cosmetics Innovation Awards 2023, as well as received the Bronze Award in the technology category at CITE Japan 2023 in the last days of May. More recently, it was chosen as winner for the ‘effective ingredient’ category in the Ringier Technology Awards of 2023, all of which signify its exceptional contributions to the industry at large and all efforts targeting cellular ageing.

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Altheostem™: how next-level cellular ageing efficacy is achieved

Altheostem™, the first dermohacking ingredient by Provital, embodies a new era of cosmetics that leverage technology, science, and natural preferences to revolutionise the industry. Derived from lab-grown stem cells of Althaea rosea flower petals, Altheostem™ sets an exemplary standard for eco-responsible biotechnological obtention methods. It not only preserves the flower’s natural environment but also ensures full traceability of the raw material and reduces water consumption during production. With its Vegan-compliance, COSMOS-Approved, and 100% Natural Origin (ISO16128) certifications, Altheostem™ establishes itself as a benchmark for ecological excellence.

The extraordinary senolytic activity of Altheostem™ has been extensively researched, earning recognition at the prestigious IFSCC Congress 2020. The TOP10 Poster ranking bestowed upon the study, titled “Senolysis, a cutting-edge strategy for healthy skin aging, is activated by Althaea rosea stem cells,” showcases the ingredient’s significant contributions to the field. The study not only quantified Altheostem™’s senolytic activity but also demonstrated its selectivity and dose-dependent apoptotic effect on senescent dermal fibroblasts (HDF). The research employed various approaches, including the measurement of β-galactosidase-positive cells, ATP levels, phosphatidylserine exposure, and activation of Caspase-3/7, to validate the ingredient’s efficacy. Additionally, the study revealed positive outcomes on the gene expression levels associated with extracellular matrix (ECM) remodelling, further emphasising Altheostem™’s potential for comprehensive skin improvement when targeting cellular agein.

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However, what really sets Altheostem as a revolutionary cosmetic ingredient is its extensive clinical and AI-based trials. By involving a panel of 70 mature women, Altheostem™ showcased its remarkable well-ageing power through various in vivo tests. The results established its ability to promote a healthy glow, facilitate elastic recovery, reduce skin sagging, enhance skin redensification, and significantly decrease wrinkle depth and volume. The transformative effects were so pronounced that the periocular area appeared nearly 6 years younger. To provide further evidence of its efficacy, a cutting-edge Artificial Intelligence-based age estimation module was employed. This sophisticated system, utilising Image Data and a meticulously trained detection model based on convolutional neural networks (CNNs), meticulously analysed 207 videos (comprising 223,560 images). Plus, these CNNs create a controlled environment with a face detector. The results revealed an average decrease of over 3 years in the apparent age of subjects treated with Altheostem™ compared to those who received the placebo. All this new machinery represents a huge advancement to quantify age in a more data-based and objective manner for the well-ageing industry.

The awards that recognize Altheostem™ for levelling up in cellular ageing efforts

The Silver Award at In-cosmetics global 2023 is a testament to Altheostem™’s ability to push the boundaries of efficacy and selectivity in the cosmetics field. This highly competitive award recognizes products that demonstrate outstanding technological advancements, scientific breakthroughs, and innovative formulations. Altheostem™ stood out among its peers by showcasing unprecedented results and aligning with the demands of the modern, innovation-driven consumer.

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The bronze award at CITE Japan 2023 underscores Altheostem™’s commitment to excellence in innovation and technology within the already strict Japanese well-ageing market. This accolade acknowledges products that exhibit exceptional scientific advancements, sustainable practices, and meet the stringent quality standards set by the Japanese cosmetics industry. Altheostem™ proved its worth by providing ground-breaking solutions while adhering to the specific requirements of the discerning Japanese consumer base. 

Additionally, Altheostem™ was also recognized with the “2023 Personal Care Industry – Ringier Technology Innovation Award” for the category: ‘Effective Ingredient’ at the 2023 China Personal Care Technology Summit & Expo, in the summer of 2023. One of the most influential and authoritative awards in China, the Ringier Technology prize turns Altheostem™ into a multi-award-winning ingredient across diverse markets.

Altheostem™ represents a new era for cosmetics, especially for targeting cellular ageing. In the age of holistic wellness, Artificial Intelligence, hyper-efficacy and hyper-selectivity, a new kind of cosmetics is necessary to fill all consumer needs. It is time for dermohacking cosmetics, it is time for biotech ingredients like Altheostem™, whose senolytic action and AI-proven significant improvements in ageing skin not only meet the demands of the longevity era and the innovation-driven mature consumer but also embody an environmentally-friendly brand positioning. 

With its numerous accolades, Altheostem™ stands as an undeniable frontrunner, pushing the boundaries of science, technology, and efficacy in the field of cellular ageing and the beauty industry as a whole, as such combination of capabilities of Altheostem™ have opened up a world of possibilities for transformative end product developments in the beauty industry. By harnessing the power of Altheostem™, brands can capitalise on its unique features to revolutionise their offerings in the following ways:

  • Ecological education and stem cell advancement: Brands can highlight the ecological benefits of utilising lab-grown materials and educate consumers about the potential of stem cell-based ingredients and sustainable cosmetic technologies. With Altheostem™, the inclusion of stem cells and expertise in growth protocols provides a distinct advantage, enabling brands to showcase their commitment to sustainability and cutting-edge scientific advancements.
  • Meeting the demands of discerning consumers: By incorporating Altheostem™, brands can cater to the demands of savvy consumers seeking dermocosmetic-like beauty products that combine effectiveness and naturalness, and leverage science-backed claims for a greater perception of safety, efficacy and transparency, while increasing the sustainable and natural origin positioning that the dermopharmacy market is still lacking.
  • Unlocking the potential of Artificial Intelligence: The integration of Altheostem™ with Artificial Intelligence opens up opportunities to develop tailored solutions that align with the ingredient’s efficacy. By leveraging AI technologies, brands can enhance the personalisation and effectiveness of their products, delivering exceptional results that cater to the unique needs of individual consumers.

With Altheostem™ at the forefront, Provital has empowered the beauty industry to explore and embrace these transformative opportunities, revolutionising the way products are developed, marketed, and experienced. Altheostem™ doesn’t just stop at rewriting beauty standards; it paves the way for a holistic transformation by targeting cellular ageing. It’s not just an ingredient; it’s a movement towards wellness, efficacy, and sustainability. Join us on this journey, where nature and science intertwine to create a radiant future.

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