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Why jojoba oil tattoo care is a significant new market

Right now in the United Kingdom, three-quarters of Generation Z consumers say the way they present themselves is fundamental to who they are (Mintel, 2021). Considering the increasing popularity of body art, this unapologetic approach to self-expression is undoubtedly going mainstream. This presents a significant opportunity to the body care segment, as more consumers demand tailor-made products for tattoos. Jojoba oil tattoo care could be just what these creative consumers are looking for – and here’s why.

There is a substantial intersection between the clean beauty movement and the tattoo care segment. According to research, 53% of German adults with tattoos are interested in products that are free from toxins. Meanwhile, 36% of UK body care users want products to provide antibacterial protection (Mintel, 2021). Considering its unique composition, jojoba oil could meet all of these demands. In this article, we’ll look closer at how. 

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Why jojoba oil  is the future for tattoo care

Jojoba oil has been prized as a cosmetic ingredient for centuries, which is why it’s a favorite in Provital’s CareMotives collection. With its rich moisturizing and emollient properties, it leaves the skin feeling exceptionally soft and supple. However, the moisturizing action of jojoba oil is often misunderstood, mostly because of its name. Jojoba oil isn’t an oil, but a complex mixture of naturally occurring long-chained linear esters

These compounds have functional cosmetic properties that are far superior to other triglyceride seed oils. This is because, unlike other seed oils, jojoba oil allows the skin to breathe. As jojoba is completely miscible with sebum, it forms a very thin, non-greasy lipid layer when it is applied. This partially porous layer provides exceptional transepidermal respiration and moisture control. This also provides non-occlusive protection on the external surfaces of skin and hair. 

Subsequently, jojoba oil tattoo care is a compelling proposition. With the capacity for non-occlusive moisturization, while creating an effective protective barrier, jojoba oil has the potential to be a powerful ingredient in tattoo care products. Moreover, with its proven anti-inflammatory, antibacterial, and repairing effects, it could be the ideal hero ingredient for premium natural tattoo care brands.

The upshot for R&D departments

As introduced, cosmetic consumers want formulas that are clean and natural – especially for delicate areas like fresh tattoos. However, they also want hygiene and an extended shelflife, which for some naturals, can be a challenge. This is because they tend to not be oxidatively stable. In response to this dichotomy, R&D departments are looking for plant-based lipid alternatives.

A natural that can meet this particular demand is jojoba oil because unlike many similar ingredients, it is extremely stable. Even in extreme temperatures over long periods, jojoba oil maintains its general composition and carbon chain length. The enhanced resistance to oxidative stress is due to the lack of resonance effect between double bonds along the molecule’s chain. 

Equally, the ingredient has an incredibly high antioxidant content – held mostly in tocopherols – which enables it to resist oxidation. Of course, this doesn’t only have benefits for product stability; it also provides a further attractive cosmetic property for consumers. 

Ideal for natural tattoo care formulations

Delicate tattooed skin demands specific protection – for which jojoba oil could provide the answer. As the popularity of body art grows, consumers are looking for premium products. Instead of the usual medicated rash creams or petroleum jellies usually prescribed by tattoo artists, consumers are looking for something more luxurious. Equally, they want products that are natural, hygienic, and protective.

Due to its similarities to the skin’s surface layer, jojoba oil like that included in Provital’s CareMotives range provides balanced, breathable protection. Unlike greasy occlusive materials such as petrolatum, mineral oils, and some lanolin products, jojoba provides a non-tacky and non-greasy, dry emolliency. This provides a unique selling point for premium tattoo care, which as stressed here, is a significant emerging market.

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