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Get a clean beauty boost with sunflower oil for hair

It’s a tough world out there: environmental factors like climate change, the threat of pandemics, and demanding lifestyles put our bodies under stress. This manifests in our skin and hair, which when distressed, can feel dull, delicate, or irritated. The demand has been reinforced as products with protective, healing properties become more and more popular. This is why sunflower oil for hair is gaining significant attention: the antioxidant-rich ingredient protects the scalp and nourishes every strand.

Sensuous ingredients like sunflower oil also help you unwind. The deep cleansing, de-stressing properties of the natural oils create a self-care hair ritual with a mood-boosting scent and soft texture. Here, we take a closer look at the trend and why it’s just an ingredient that’s getting swept to prominence with the broader clean beauty movement.

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Why consumers want hair care that protects

According to Mintel’s playfully titled recent report ‘Airpocalypse Now’, 42% of UK consumers say they are worried about the level of air pollution they are exposed to. A further 11% of women living in cities say that they’re worried about the impact of environmental damage on their hair specifically. In tandem with this increased concern about pollutants, is increased interest in natural or organic products: now, 64% of German consumers buy natural products in order to avoid unnecessary chemicals (Mintel, 2018).

Moreover, this market is expanding. Now, interest in products with anti-pollution or natural claims has risen by 19% amongst young men. However, brands are failing to respond to this demand. In men’s hair care, just 7.6% of launches carried protective claims in 2019, down from 12.9% two years earlier – making this an untapped opportunity for brands targeting young men. 

That said, consumers don’t only want products that protect them: they want to protect the environment too. Now, there is a rising interest in solid or waterless hair care with limited packaging. According to further market research, 55% of UK consumers are interested in purchasing products with little or no plastic packaging (Mintel/Lightspeed, 2019).

How sunflower oil for hair meets the demand

The statistics are clear: diverse consumers want hair care that protects and cares, for their bodies and for the environment. This is why sunflower oil for hair has exciting potential; with vitamin E, sesamol, and oleic acid, sunflower oil delivers a powerful dose of antioxidants that prevents breakage and promotes growth (Rele et al, 2004). Plus, it’s been proven to have anti-inflammatory properties that calm dandruff and itchy scalps.

Anecdotally, many people have commented that a sunflower oil shampoo is deeply hydrating. The pleasant scent and warming feel evoke the essence of natural beauty, creating a nourishing self-care experience. After application, split ends appear smoothed and the hair is softer and easier to manage.

Beauty at its purest

Many brands are harnessing the power of sunflower oil – Provital included. Both our CareMotives Vitaoils Plus and Vitaoils Repair combine rich natural oils, including sunflower oil for hair care formulas that are truly nourishing. Sunflower oil’s high concentration of vitamin E and essential fatty acids mean that the ingredient actively repairs and hydrates, perfect for combining into a moisturizing solid shampoo. Considering the demand for hair care that protects our bodies and our planet, beauty brands should look to the powerful protective properties of sunflower oil for inspiration.

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