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Current astrological influences and cosmetic brand responses

As paying attention to current astrological influences has reached the mainstream, the cosmetics industry is also finding new ways to align this new interest with their products and the narratives around them. 

Fortunately, the truth is that the fascination with current astrological influences comes hand in hand with a number of other trends that have been operating at the cosmetics industry in recent years, including the preference for natural, botanical products.

Want to find inspiration for new product narratives that line up with the current astrological influences and the public’s recent focus on them? We provide a short guide for cosmetic brands to spark their creativity around current astrological influences.

4 current astrological influences in 2022 and what they mean: a beginners guide for cosmetic brands

Jupiter’s movement between Pisces and Aries

Jupiter is considered the planet of good fortune, so its movements are closely monitored in order to be able to notice potential good timing for making decisions, among other factors.

In 2022, Jupiter presents three important movements: on the one hand, it stays in Pisces until May 10th, then moves to Aries until October 27th and returns to Pisces until December 20th.

The meaning of these movements is essential. First, because Pisces is considered the “home” of Jupiter, it should bring good fortune and abundance. Secondly, when the planet is installed in Aries, astrology considers it a time of empowerment and personal growth.  

Cosmetic brands can thus align their products with a “feel good” mood and “back to fun” formulas that inspire consumers’ most optimistic side.

Four Mercury retrogrades

Followers of current astrological influences might frown when hearing Mercury is in retrograde three times in 2022, as this planet’s backward movement is said to bring misfortune, confusion and delay. 

This year, this astrological event will happen four times: from January 13th to February 3rd, from May 10th to June 3rd, from September 9th through October 2nd and from December 29th until the beginning of 2023.

Cosmetic brands can take this opportunity to build “self-care” narratives that encourage them to slow down and look inward in search of recharging and resting, while waiting for better times. Such is the case of skincare that also targets psychological stress.

Lunar and solar eclipses

Regarding other important current astrological influences, there are several important lunar and solar eclipses happening in 2022:

  • Partial Solar Eclipse on April 30th
  • Total Lunar Eclipse on May 15th 
  • Partial Solar Eclipse on October 25th
  • Total Lunar Eclipse on Novermber 7th

As the “normal” illumination rhythms are interrupted, eclipses can be an opportunity to analyze issues from a new perspective. In cosmetics, this can be linked to surprising consumers with supply chain innovations, as well as sharing new beauty paradigms

Conjunction of Uranus at the North Node

From Mid-July until the end of 2022, Uranus will be located at the North Node, which is considered the “destination” point. In astrology, Uranus is associated with freedom and change, so that freedom and transformation are to be expected as goals and developments at a global level.

Winning narratives in such a context might be linked with cosmetic brands inspiring their customers to embrace change, promoting products that focus on the “well-aging” movement

This might also be a good time to encourage change towards sustainability, such as the move towards green cosmetics and manufacturing.

Why cosmetics and current astrological influences match

As we’ve stated above, it’s indeed a good time for cosmetic brands to develop narratives around current astrological influences. This is because there are multiple trends coalescing that go beyond a superficial interest in astrology and that understand this age-old discipline with a renovated focus.

This includes the current need for self-care and wellbeing: current astrological influences are just an excuse for consumers to stop and look inwards, in search of meaning and fulfilling one’s needs. A cosmetic brand that understands this need and provides the right products enhancing self-care routines will find a winning formula. 

This is also joined by a current renovated interest in natural, botanical beauty, that understands cosmetics as a way to achieve natural harmony through the use of certified natural ingredients.

Want to be inspired by more narrative opportunities between current astrological influences and how to align them with innovative cosmetics? Download our ‘Cosmic Cosmetics’ ebook and find more.

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