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Planetary influences and their cosmetic applications: an inspirational guide for brands

The current astrology revival is real: from social media to daily conversations, it’s more and more common to hear about planetary influences and how they may or may not be playing a role in people’s feelings and conduct.

Always on the lookout for new opportunities to address their clients’ most up-to-date needs and preoccupations, cosmetic brands are now in the process of realizing how this may be a chance to further connect with their clients.

But first, what exactly are planetary influences and how do they work? Planetary influences are a crucial aspect of astrology and refer to the study of the celestial bodies and their movements to relate them to earthly events. 

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The premise is simple: planets have an influence on Earth and its inhabitants, and it’s possible to study them and their movements in order to understand this influence and respond accordingly. 

The horoscope is an important part of this, and refers to the planetary influences that were present at the time a particular individual was born and their potential effects on them. This includes a range of aspects, from their basic energies, drives, urges, interests and the way they relate to themselves and the world.

So how are planetary influences suddenly important for companies and cosmetic brands in particular and why do they represent an opportunity to further connect with clients? Keep reading to find Provital’s perspective.

Planetary influences and astrology applied to cosmetics: why they’re the formula for success

Looking for continual inspiration, brands are quick to look for and embrace new consumer trends. But some of these tendencies seem to come more naturally and present a perfect match for certain industries. This is certainly the case between the astrology revival and cosmetic brands, for the following reasons:

  • In an essay published in Pan MacMillan, author Ali Roff Farrar directly linked this new astrology craze with the previously detected need for self-care and wellbeing. As many look into planetary influences for guiding them in their relationships and making life decisions, this can actually be read as a demand to look inwards and truly understand one’s needs for inner wellbeing and self-care.

The same article cited how, according to Google Trends, interest in both ‘wellness’ and ‘horoscopes’ has doubled in the previous decade.

This is an important realization for cosmetic brands, who have experienced how “self-care” narratives have taken over their clients’ preoccupations. In fact, self-care is among the key purchasing behaviour trends for 2021, according to Mintel.

In such a context, narratives such as mixing emotional and physical wellbeing through the use of oil extracted from petals sound convincing and alluring. And so do cosmetic formulas related to planetary influences.

  • The planetary influences trend is also directly related to a need to be more aware of the natural harmony and tuning in with the cosmos. This also makes a direct correlation with the current interest in botanical beauty, which is understood as a possibility for a daily connection with nature.
  • Finally, horoscopes and planetary influences present an opportunity for personal associations, as each sign is related to certain energies and psychological traits. This opens the door for product personalization to each person’s zodiac sign, another hot trend in the current cosmetic industry.

Read the signs: a few ideas for cosmetic brands tapping into planetary influences

As stated above, cosmetic brands would be wise to pursue their clients’ interest on planetary influences and offer them a connection they’re demanding. 

At Provital, we work to become the BPC’s industry allies for developing successful formulas that are based on high-quality, science-based natural ingredients. 

The following is just one of the ways for brands to tap into their clients’ enthusiasm for astrology, offering a list of potential claims that may resound with each zodiac sign and those looking to energize that part of themselves:

  • Leo is known to be vivacious, passionate, optimist and vital, all characteristics that are traditionally related to the Sun. Targeting this spirit may come in the shape of energizing sunscreen formulas.
  • Cancer is linked to intuition, self-protection and sensitivity. This planetary influence is all about seeking calm and regeneration,  values that are typically associated with reinforcing the skin’s natural protective barrier.
  • Virgo is a sign linked to logic, perfectionism and hardwork. This speaks directly about the capacity for brands to develop science-backed effective formulas and trends such as the minimalist beauty movement.
  • Gemini is known for being playful, hyperactive and multiple. Multifunctional and practical ingredients, such as ginseng, will likely appeal to people interested in seizing energies from this planetary influence.
  • Tauro is a sign associated with serenity, sensuality, luxury, focus and security. Treatments to smooth skin may attract their attention.
  • Aries is linked to ambition and boldness, known for their intensity and strength. Easy-to-carry formats that aim to strengthen hair could be their most favored. 
  • Capricornus are strong, focused and action-takers, that prefer movement and velocity. As such, this planetary influence is directly linked to result-driven cosmetics, such as new micropeeling formulas.
  • Pisces are empathetic, mysterious and spiritual. This sign’s aquatic connection may respond well to new hydration claims.
  • Scorpio is known for passion, seduction and ambition. Targeting this planetary influence’s importance for feeling attractive could translate into a winning narrative around cleansing emulsion masks.

While this is not a comprehensive list, it can give an idea of how brands are inspired today by their clients’ new interest in astrology for creating innovative narratives.

Download our ‘Cosmic Cosmetics’ free ebook to learn more about Provital’s formulations to inspire brands to connect with their clients’ newfound interest in planetary influences.

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