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Invoke mother nature with a breast moisturizer inspired by the stars

The whole body needs care – that’s why whole-body moisture is important. Women shouldn’t leave any area unattended, least of all areas that may benefit from firming, enhanced circulation, and softening. This is why many are looking for specific products for breasts and booty, adding a luxurious element to moisturization with targeted care for areas with specific needs. As a result, we’re seeing a rise in breast moisturizer products to firm, perk, and care.

This tendency is particularly strong in the post-partum skincare market. Breastfeeding can make breasts and nipples sore and tender, which is why many new moms are looking for tailor-made products to soothe and care. But in light of this feminine-focused market, how can brands create a storytelling approach that speaks to a new generation of young women and moms?

To do this, they should look to the stars. Here, we discuss the cosmic beauty trends and Provital’s proposal for the market.

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Cosmic care and the astrology trend

For time immemorial, the stars have fascinated humankind. Tracking their movements and tracing shapes has provided meaning for humans seeking refuge from uncertainty. In the context of recent events, it’s no wonder that astrology is experiencing a resurgence, particularly among younger generations; it gives us a sense of direction in the face of chaos or a comforting framework for the behaviors of others. Here’s some data you might find surprising:

  • The market for astrology apps is worth over $40 million dollars.
  • According to the Pew Research Center, 29% of Americans believe in astrology.
  • A survey by N26 found that 56% of Americans say their zodiac sign reflects their personality traits, while millennials (63%) and Gen Z (62%) are especially likely to say this.

Consumers inspired by the self-care movement are also likely to be interested in astrology. This buyer is all about finding balance by looking to natural products that help them connect with mother nature. Considering the stars are one of her most astonishing creations, this is a prime storytelling opportunity. This is especially in regard to formulas targeted at feminine care or mother and baby products, such as breast moisturizer, where consumers demonstrate a strong preference for natural formulas and mother nature-inspired narratives.

Star-inspired breast moisturizer with Gorgeous-U Juicy Body Mousse

Provital developed Gorgeous-U Juicy Body Mousse as an out-of-the-box formula inspired by the constellation Sagittarius. Sagittarius is ruled by Jupiter, which is the biggest planet in the Solar System. Jupiter’s gaseous surface relates to this formulation’s gentle mousse-like texture, while care-free Sagittarius sets the scene where self-care and shape-positivity reign.

This push-up body mousse is powered by SculpupTM, which firms, volumes and softens to embrace all body shapes through a sensorial and optimistic experience. Plus, it’s all-natural; SculpupTM is derived from ingredients 100% natural in origin, including luxurious organic blackberry. This is particularly important in the post-partum skincare market, as women wonder, “what should I use to moisturize my breasts?” The answer is quite simply to opt for natural: as a formula 95% natural in origin, Gorgeous-U Juicy Body Mousse meets this demand head-on. 

These natural claims resonate not just with new moms, but with many segments looking for natural solutions with body-positive messages. The time to tap into the breast moisturizer trend is now: do it by choosing a formula that responds to these overlapping trends from multiple angles. 

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