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Cell to cell communication: An active to boost the sense of community for the BPC market

Communication and a sense of belonging are essential values for human beings. While new technologies and social networks have enhanced our possibilities for communication, COVID-19 accelerated this trend and shifted it towards a need for community. How can BPC brands react to these trends and offer value? An active ingredient that activates cell to cell communication might have the answer.

Instilling a sense of community in a post-pandemic world

COVID-19 has brought deep challenges and changes to people around the world, and consumer behaviour has undoubtedly been impacted.

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While social isolation brought increased stress and anxiety, people sensed the need of feeling part of a community more than ever. Translated into consumer behaviours, there are some trends that confirm this: 

  • Purchase patterns have shifted to neighborhood shopping, which is an activity perceived as building a sense of community. But consumers want brands to also take part and amplify their communities: one in four US consumers take the community values of a brand into consideration when spending on fashion products and view «community» as an important CSR measure.
  • This sense of community must increasingly  empower diversity. This doesn’t mean just representing diversity, but embodying it and taking a stance for the rights of minorities and the end of racial injustice. Brands that proactively support inclusivity have grown (for instance, there’s a +23% growth of black-founded hair brands).
  • The term community also includes taking care of the environment, as feeling connected to the external environment is increasingly important to consumers. This is, in part, responsible for a renewed interest in natural and organic ingredients and products: sustainable brands have seen a +1,5% increase, while advocacy brands present a +8% growth.
  • Technology is seen as a mean to build engagement and community with others. At the same time, a shift in communication with brands has occurred, and a horizontal, two-way approach is now pursued.

Sense of community

All in all,  it’s become important for consumers to feel related to products which help them build a sense of community, while also being able to generate their own identity through them and build a sense of community.

This demands for brands to take action, starting today: BPC companies must reset, adapting to these new community needs, empowering diversity and guaranteeing their policies are environmentally-friendly

While quality, science-based products are still demanded, new requirements have been built for brands. To succeed in this new consumer landscape, where values have clearly shifted, companies must be able to enhance community life and take a radical inclusive approach.

A few successful models for brands have included:

Orchistem™: the cell to cell communication active that activates community narratives

Taking these needs into account, the demand for ingredients and BPC products with community narratives becomes evident. This is where Provital’s active ingredient Orchidstem can provide a solution. 

This ingredient improves cell to cell communication, which is altered with age and is one of the factors associated with aging. It boosts communication between skin stem cells and fibroblasts, a subsequent number of actions which result in a rejuvenating effect. It thus addresses visible signs of aging with visible results, restoring a youthful skin glow. 

This active ingredient stimulates adipose tissue-derived stem cells. These, in turn, produce a secretome rich in growth factors, which lead to the following beneficial activities: 

  • antioxidant
  • activation of protein synthesis
  • inhibition of metalloproteinase synthesis
  • stimulation of fibroblast proliferation and migration

It thus acts on communication on a micro-level, an operation which can be developed into a broader storytelling argument: just like Orchidstem™ promotes cell to cell communication, communities are acting to improve their own links and strengthen their bonds.

At the same time, the active is sustainably sourced from plant stem cells from a species of Japanese orchid. This sustainable, plant-based origin will also appeal to consumers’ concerns today, while its certifications (including a 99.8% ISO 16128-Natural Origin) guarantee this ingredient’s green light for today’s markets.

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