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Target “feel-good” and “back to fun” consumers with a lips formula that targets TEWL

There have been many consequences propelled by the COVID-19 pandemic, and the beauty and personal care market is no exception. Developing an anti-aging, hydrating formula that targets TEWL or transepidermal water loss today means paying attention to these changes and responding to them as opportunities rather than challenges.

We analyze what the “feel-good” and “back to fun” trends are and how BPC brands can respond, giving an example of a “back to fun” lips product that targets TEWL and matches current consumer demands.

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What’s the “back to fun” trend and how BPC brands can respond

In the current post-pandemic context, it’s possible to argue that an increased focus on well-being is among the main transformations that the COVID-19 has brought along.

Stressed-out consumers have increasingly turned to beauty rituals and personal care routines to unwind. In fact, wellbeing is now understood as a holistic process where self-care is prioritised and acknowledged as encapsulating both mind and body.

Diverse surveys and findings support this view. For instance, 21% of adults who perform a beauty routine are interested in beauty products with psychological effects, as Mintel found out in 2020. 

While these psychological effects may include relaxation, a different approach is also present: the ability of beauty and personal care products to provide entertainment, fun and playfulness. This is also matched by the demand for products that enhance self-expression and confidence, while also providing comfort, security and positivity.

As examples, Mintel also found that 54% of adults who perform a beauty routine agree they have fun using beauty products, while 30% of women aged 18-24 say their typical makeup routine expresses their personality. 

In such a context, brands are already responding to this new “back to fun” trend in a variety of ways. 

On the one hand, lively colors, playful textures, and nostalgic designs are back.

On the other hand, feel-good trends also match with the demand for sustainable formulas and packaging

These two concepts are combined in a variety of ways, providing surprising, playful and sustainable formulas such as: 

  • Waterless products
  • Solid skin and hair care solutions paired with innovative shapes (cake or candy-shaped shampoos, the adding of surprising fragrances…).
  • New packaging systems that reduce the quantity of materials, such as pouch formats.

The innovative lip formula for fun-oriented consumers

Provital has worked to help brands embrace the “back to fun” trend, while also guaranteeing science-based and sustainable solutions. 

Thus, we present the Oil-In-One For Yummy Lips: a tangy and tasty beauty format designed to make consumers feel good and have fun while targeting TEWL for their lips.

In fact, TEWL is specially critical on the lips’ skin, where the lipid barrier is thinner. Thus, developing a TEWL lip formula that’s efficient as well as sustainable is the right path forward to meet consumers’ demands today for “feel-good” BPC products. 

Provital’s Vitaoils Plus is the plant-based complex that provides the science-proved effects to target TEWL in lips.

This oily complex contains sunflower oil, coconut oil, linseed oil, avocado oil, argan oil, macadamia oil and olive oil, providing a fragrant and pleasant beauty staple with all-natural ingredients that enhances a feel-good feeling.

While a fun format such as the Oil-In-One For Yummy Lips might appeal to fun-seeking consumers, the science behind Vitaoils Plus will attract those that look for both natural and science-backed results. The following benefits have been associated with this oil complex: 

  • Skin barrier repairing activity: oils found in Vitaoils Plus are very appreciated in the cosmetic field for its high content in fatty acids and vitamins A, D and E. Because of avocado oil composition, it helps nourishing and smoothing the epidermis, while relieving skin desquamation. It’s thus an extraordinary TEWL-control tool that can be used in both skin and lips.
  • Collagen synthesis stimulating activity. Vitaoils Plus’ componentshave been demonstrated to help improve collagen synthesis. According to a previous study, where unsaponifiable lipidic fractions of avocado and soya bean were administered percutaneously for 15 days, they produce a modification of dermal connective tissue components; and increased soluble proteins were also found, especially of salt soluble collagen.
  • Antioxidant activity. Vitaoils Plus helps protect oils, cell membrane lipids and cell organelles from oxidation; α-tocopherol (vitamin E) has the strongest biological activity in the organism and performs important actions in the skin, as proved by Le Poole, 1995.
  • Photo-protective activity. In a study conducted by Kaur and Saraf in 2010, they showed that olive and coconut oil (nonvolatile oils) reach SPF values.

All in all, developing a TEWL-targeting product for lips that incorporates Provital’s Vitaoils Plus provides science-backed results with a new “back to fun” perspective while also targeting consumers looking for familiar-sounding, natural ingredients.

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